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  1. VigilanteStylez

    Off Topic This Is Why Most Rappers Today Suck

    OH and let me add one more thing. A major reason why most rappers suck is that they use the same rhyme scheme for every song they do no matter how the beat changes up. Nelly is a good example of this, and I'm sure most of you have worked with an artist who does this same shit. Raps the same...
  2. VigilanteStylez

    Off Topic This Is Why Most Rappers Today Suck

    The reason they suck in my opinion, as a freelance audio engineer I hear a lot of people making what they think is the shit that is "hot" right now, and in my opinion, without the beat, these artists are ear cancer. Plus the region the artist is from has a profound influence on how they...
  3. VigilanteStylez

    Off Topic Hip Hop Needs To Start Over

    Wrong on all points. Music needs progress, not regression. There will always be a niche audience for classic boom bap east coast hip hop, I know, all the old heads in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Jersey are into that, but others are not into it anymore. You hear Trap music all over NYC nowadays. You...
  4. VigilanteStylez

    Beat This! - March 13-14, 2019

    Good battle, looks like Boom Bap is king around here. No problemo, I'll dig in the crates for some good ol funk records, and breakbeats, and see if I can't do better next time. The beat that won was my favorite. A lotta heat in this one.
  5. VigilanteStylez

    Production In The Studio: Would You Ever Sell Out?

    "Selling out" is a term butthurts say when they see their friend become successful. Usually used by lazy ass dudes who just loaf around at the house all day trying to score dope, bum in front of the TV, askin people if they can buy a cigarette, glued to Facebook, and hollerin at neighborhood...
  6. VigilanteStylez

    Production 5 Reasons Why You Suck At Making Beats

    I humbly disagree. I think experience in different genres will teach you how to be better at your primary genre. There is a lot of crossing over being done all the time, so why put yourself in a box? Have no self limitations, do not stay in your own lane, you might discover the new sound, or...
  7. VigilanteStylez

    Industry What Is The Best Way To Market Your Beats?

    I don't know the best way, but the worst way is to send links in messenger, or to pay for sponsored ads on Facebook. The way that has worked for me, is to work with as many people as I can for free, and let them promote me via word of mouth. Those people get free services, and those who...
  8. VigilanteStylez

    Production Less Is More!

    OMG. I have seen dudes sandbag the shit out of their beats, adding 10 different sounds all doing the same thing, or sometimes working against each other. For an engineer you obviously want to hear those sounds, and expect that they belong in the beat, but then you have to unmask those sounds...
  9. VigilanteStylez

    Tutorials Improve Your Mixes By Learning New Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

    Hello everyone, I'm gonna chime in on this discussion as well. I think most people's problem from my experience has been listening environment. You can't have your monitors pointed straight out, or one at an angle, and another straight out. They need to be at 30 degrees, and you have to make...