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Greg Savage

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Hey ILLMUZIK members, I’m Greg from DIYMUSICBIZ, one of the sponsors for ILLMUZIK’s battles. The whole point of this post is to speed up the process in our consultations and so you know what I expect and what you should expect from me.

What I specialize in is music licensing, sound design as well as any area of the business where money is generated. Some of my placements include Dodge, Storage Wars, MTV, NBC Sports, various mobile video games, novelty items etc. This is how I make my living in the music business.

Now, what I do for winners and most participants (depending on the battle) is offer free consultation on the business side of the industry.

There are no workbooks, worksheets, checklists or assignments. This is not a mentorship, internship or partnership or training course…. It’s a consultation. What this means is pick one or two things to focus on and I’ll point you in the right direction to accomplish those goals.

It’s extremely important that you are focused with your decision. I find that picking more than two things is a crap shoot and we wind up spending 30 or minutes to an hour accomplishing nothing because there’s just way too many options and whomever I’m consulting ends up overwhelmed at the end.

Look, you’re not going to understand every single aspect about the music business in one hour, it’s impossible. Nor is the information that I give you going to turn you into a millionaire or even earn you five figures overnight, the shit takes work.

Occasionally, I accept people into my mentorship program and one thing I’ve noticed is those who are actively landing placements are only focused on placements. They’re not trying to do music licensing, twitter marketing, facebook marketing, promotion, beat selling sites etc…They’re focused on one or two things and we run that shit into the ground up placements land

So being focused and having a general idea of what you want to do is very important.

What You Need To Have Prepared Beforehand

  1. General idea of what you want to accomplish
  2. Any questions you have about area of focus
  3. Be serious, take this seriously

My Daily Schedule:

I generally wake up whenever as most of you know those of us to work on music are night owls. So whenever I wake up is when I wake up.

I do the whole SSS, Feed the dogs, cook breakfast check my emails, work on any revisions or projects that I’m getting in these emails and I’m off working.

Time is valuable, time is money. Depending on the music project I’m either getting paid hourly or by the minute (of music).

With that being said, outside of ILLMUZIK I generally don’t do consultations and when I do I charge a hefty price for it because it takes time out of my day of creation. So take this seriously from one person who has been in your shoes who is now doing what they love doing for a living.

What to Expect From Me

No bullshit
Clear answers
No beating around the bush

Some say my bluntness is a little bit too much, but that's the only way I can get things across. If your current way of doing business is not getting you where you need to be then you need to change/tweak. If your goal is better promotion and marketing, but your branding sucks I'm going to tell you that. If you're trying to get music placements and your music ins't up to snuff trust me, I'm going to let you know.

How To Schedule Time

This takes a little bit of time. Sometimes I can do consultations a very same day fade gives me emails sometimes it may take a week or two sometimes more. It boils down to our schedules. I do music for living and a lot of you have families, school, work etc. So... our time waves in and out of that.

Generally, when I try to do is contact everyone within a week or two of receiving their contact information and then we schedule out from there. One thing I have noticed that sometimes Gmail does not white list my email. So let me give you my email now so you know what email to look for (diymusicbiz (gmail) And when you're contacting me put ILLMUZIK somewhere in the title. I get over 800 emails a day, but I try my best to prioritize the ones coming from this community.

Also, I use the standard EST timezone. So, even if n a time zone isn't mentioned, always know it's EST

- Greg Savage
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