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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Still Reigns Supreme

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    Oct 1, 2001

    It was once said that when Moses read from the tablets, there was a DJ behind him scratching "Ahh it's fresh", and God himself invented the crab scratch. The vinyl records on the turntables were made of lightning and the sounds emitting from the speakers spoke to the aliens who were in fact the ones that parted the Red Sea, not Moses.

    When vinyl was first introduced, the only music that came out of it was wack. There was no such thing as scratching, rap music was a form of music way into the future, and the records were played on a phonograph.


    However, times changed and vinyl changed what we now call "hip hop" in ways that no one had ever imagined. Here are 5 reasons why vinyl still reigns supreme.

    1. Vinyl started Hip Hop

    Everyone knows that when rap music first hit the scene, it started off with a DJ and an MC. The DJ had two turntables and the MC had a microphone, and together they would tear it up at block parties and local shows. The DJ would go back and forth with two copies of the same record, spinning the same break over and over. Usually it would be a famous record that everyone knew and hanging onto that one break would be what the MC would spit over.


    Vinyl made this happen. It was not possible for a DJ to spin two reel-to-reel decks or two 8-track cassettes. Vinyl made this possible because it was so easy to manipulate the record and make it do what you wanted to, thus creating a path for rap music to start its journey and never look back.

    2. Vinyl catapulted Hip Hop

    During its golden era, hip hop had tons of great music coming out, it seemed, daily. There were groups from Ice-T, Geto Boys, Method Man, to Gangstarr and Too Short that were dropping hits on a regular basis. Music fans were flocking to the clubs so they could hear the latest hits, and live shows so they could actually see these hip hop acts firsthand. What helped catapult hip hop to the next level was in fact, vinyl.

    DJ's were spinning wax everywhere, from their bedrooms to the clubs. What ended up happening was a huge influx of vinyl being snatched up by every DJ around, and the end result was mixtapes galore and new styles of hip hop music that was inspired by DJ's themselves.

    3. Vinyl has the Hip Hop sound

    CD's and MP3's are standard for today's music, however with hip hop, the sound is unique. Even though it has been ported over to the digital medium, hip hop has and always will sound best on vinyl. Argue with me all you want, but anyone in their right mind will tell you that vinyl and hip hop is like a fat guy and a cheeseburger - they're perfect for each other.


    When you listen to an MC spit lyrics over a sample-based beat, telling stories of inner city struggles and hard times, vinyl helps tell that story. Putting the needle to the record and hearing the snap, crackle and pop before the beat drops is truly something special.

    4. Vinyl can't be bootlegged

    This goes out to the music industry: bring back vinyl! Produce it in large quantities and the people will buy it. When a new medium is introduced onto the market such as anything digital, the consumers will flock to it like a vulture to a corpse. Within the past few years, the music industry, namely the record labels, have been on a rampage trying to catch bootleggers and stop people from pirating albums and singles online. I understand their concerns, but let's face it - it can't be stopped.


    Oh, wait - it can be. Vinyl is the key. I know not everyone owns a turntable, but like I just mentioned, if you introduce it to the masses then everyone will flock to it. Instead of mass producing MP3 players, do it instead for vinyl records and turntables. Make it so that vinyl is not just for music junkies, DJ's, or hipsters - make it for everyone.

    Bootleggers won't waste their time trying to mess with vinyl because it's a pain in the ass to do it. With CD's, you can just pop it into your computer, rip it to MP3 and then distribute it freely online. Can they do that with vinyl? Nope.

    5. Vinyl is awesome

    Everyone has their preferences, from fans to purists, and if you're not a fan of vinyl then shame on you! There are so many reasons why vinyl is awesome, such as the art of "digging". The feeling you get from sifting through tons of records and getting your hands dirty and dusty, and the smell of the old records that have been sitting there for ages, is something very unique.

    There is also the feeling of buying brand new vinyl, taking the plastic wrap off and taking the record out for the very first time and smelling that "new" smell, then putting it on the turntable platter and lifting the tonearm onto the record and hearing the needle drop.


    Last but not least, the cover. Who doesn't like the cover of a vinyl record? From the cover art to the backside where it shows the track listing, and if you're lucky, with more writing and art on the inside sleeve, or if you're even luckier - a double album that opens up! Nothing beats that feeling of listening to a record while you admire the time and effort that was put into the entire package.


    With all the music that is pumped out daily, many people have failed to realize that it's not all just MP3's and digital this and that - there's another medium out there called vinyl and it still has its place in hip hop music even today. That is why vinyl still reigns supreme.
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    And yes, God invented the crab scratch. Dope article, I dig it.