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This is an explanation of each beat battle that we have her at IllMuzik.

*Note: All battles are anonymous.

Beat This! Competition

The longest-running online beat battle ever, it's a straight up competition between IllMuzik members. It's usually every two weeks and we often have themes. Normally the beats must be no longer than two minutes. The signups are on one day and the voting is the next day.

Battle That! Competition

Yes, the name is weird but it's simply a play on words to counter the Beat This! Competition. It's our annual battle and it's also a tournament-style with sixteen contestants. The signups are usually a week before the battle and we pick the best contestants to enter the battle. It basically a year-end exclusive battle where we choose the best sixteen to enter. There are four rounds, and all members can vote. Each round lasts a day.

Warzone Beat Battle

The Warzone is a spinoff of the Battle That! Competition. The format is pretty much the same except that the signups are one day and voting the next day. Also, each round lasts around an hour, so it's a fast-moving battle where the votes must come in quickly.

Beat It Up!

This one is unique in that any member can upload their beats and I choose them at random, picking three beats for each battle. The beats are put together in one mix and are identified as Beat #1, Beat #2, and Beat #3. Members vote via a poll and each battle lasts about a week.

Attack of the Beats!

This is another old battle but also more like a podcast. Members can upload their beats and I choose five at random, then I play each beat and give constructive criticism. At the end of the show I choose my favorite beat.

Beat Fights!

This is our latest battle and it's very unique. It's also meant to have a crazy, off-the-wall vibe, similar to the movie Fight Club. Members can upload their beats and I choose two at random for each battle. Each battle is then made into a video which is then posted on YouTube. At the end of each video, anyone can vote in the YouTube poll. IllMuzik members can also vote in our forums. Each battle lasts a few days. I then tally up the votes from YouTube (worth 40%) and from the forums (worth 60%) and declare a winner.
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