Beat This! - May 20-21, 2020

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The next competition will be from May 20-21st! See the information below.


The signups will be on May 20th at 1pm ET, and end around 8pm ET, or until we have enough contestants (whichever comes first - depending on the theme). Voting will be for 1 day, on May 21st, where the results will be posted the same day.

Go here to signup (click the "signup" tab - it will open up on the signup day)

Theme: NONE
Time Limit: 2 MINUTES

You can use whatever sounds you want, samples, synths, just remember to read the rules for the rest of the restrictions. What the judges will be looking for is originality, creativity, mixing skills and overall dopeness!


If you are competing, you will be able to vote but not for yourself. DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT! I will be watching for cheaters. This means you cannot sign up under different names or get your friends and family to sign up either. If you are caught cheating you could be banned.


All the beats will now be displayed in a random order and without any names. All you will see is: Beat #001, Beat #002, etc. This is so that there is no favoritism when voting.


If you're not sure about the rules, read this thread.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about the competition, please post them in here.



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Hmmm...what genre of music could that be?
Some tribal music kinda sounds like their drums form a melody, after i posted i began to look around the net if someone has already done something like that. Didnt find anything, guess ill have to experiment with that. If something comes out of it, ill think about a name for it. :D :D

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