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Yo i was just listening to Jay and Ye (as always) and when i got to the song "Primetime", i thought man, If i play this piano melody & chords with Clean kontakt piano and play these drums with drum kits and put it together, It would sound cheesy as hell, but since Primetime itself is a sampled beat, both the piano and the drums sound dirty so it sounds dope. then I checked for the sample and found that it's not a sampled beat.
so I was just thinking, if you listen to shook ones by havoc, the melody that the piano plays isn't the hardest thing to figure out on your own. so if you get the dirty sound, you can make the next shook ones without even sampling! (who am I kidding tho, no one has ever wrote or will write lyrics in THAT level). the same thing with C.R.E.A.M. if we figure out How to make the piano (for example) sound dirty and put a drums (and also make that sound dirty) we can make a dope ass beat outta literally anything.
so what do y'all think can add the "Dirt" to the sounds?

P.S sorry for the cringey clickbait title :D

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Yes, you can definitely add dirt in the modern age. Several producers and full groups out there make music that sounds like it was recorded in the '70s using old gear and tuning/micing the drums in a specific way. As for beatmaking, Izotope Vinyl is the top free VST for adding grit.

For some instruments like the piano, slowing down your recording can make it sound darker. I'm actually planning on recording the piano sounds out of my digital piano for this purpose before I sell it.

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