FREE SAMPLE PACK #2 - and me making a live beat with it.

Johni Cleveland

Rhythmist, and sound Arcivist.
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Just released my second free sample pack.

Licensing info: There is no copyright for these files to my knowledge and I definitely WILL NOT come after anyone for anything. I would appreciate a shout out though or something. The sounds I use here are from my own talents, very old records, tapes, or really old songs from sites where royalty-free media is placed. If you have ANY trouble feel free to reach out to me.

The link is in the description of this video and the download is via Dropbox.
The files included are a zipped archive with:
  1. 6 Drum Samples
  2. 10 Melodic Samples - BPM: 126
  3. A Maschine 2 file (For if you have a Maschine Two and want to load it as a kit)
  4. And a Text file with extra info.
If you have any trouble or questions let me know.
And I would love your feedback on the video and sound kit if you have the time.
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