Important How to "delete" your private messages

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In order to "delete" your private messages (conversations), you have to "leave" the conversation. Here's what you do:

Go to your Inbox: You'll notice there's a checkbox next to each conversation. If you check off one of them, a popup box will show up:


As you can see, there's a dropdown menu where you have a few options:
  • Leave Conversations
  • Mark Conversations Read
  • Mark Conversations Unread
  • Star Conversations
  • Unstar Conversations
  • Deselect Conversations
If you want to delete a conversation, you must select "leave conversations".


When you select that, another popup will show up and it will ask you if you want to "Accept future messages" or "Ignore future messages".


If you choose "accept" then what happens is if the person you had the conversation with replies to it in the future, it will re-activate the conversation. It's sort of like a soft-delete.

If you want to permanently delete the message, choose "ignore".

If you have lots of messages, then what you can do is check off the checkbox and when the popup shows up, you'll see a "select all" box at the upper right.


Check that and it will select all the message on that page. If you have multiple pages then just select all and then go to the next page and do the same thing.

You'll notice at the bottom right of the page a "selected conversations" total.


Then you can just delete all of the messages you selected.
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