I'll Not be Producin for a Month .


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I havent gone to school this year at all , i was kinda homeschooled ... and for some reasons i studied Nothing . Next month my exams will start , i decided to make no beats for a months , and study .

Its good because it will improve my studies And my beats will improve aftr a break .

I also made a Challenge for myself : I specified one of my favorite songs , produced by my favorite producer and rapped by my favorite rapper , and i'll Not listen to it for a Month .

I'll not tell you what song it is , cuz youll start sending me it . :D ill just say @hayden and @Fade kinda helped me find it without wanting to .


@ArvinArmani without education you are nothing. Why didn't you go to school?


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since the time i wrote that thread , about 70% of all books are done , we told the school manager that im hardly sick and i can only give exams at the end of the year .

we moved to a new town and its not safe , drugs , kids carrying weapons and ... so i study at home .
and if i go to school i gotta read quran everyday , chant quran for about 45 minutes standing in 1 place and pointing my hand to the direction of saudi arabia in the hot and unclean weather of tehran , without even being a muslim .

i think these are enough reasons .


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I'm sure I'm not the only one here Arvin that hates to hear that is the way you are forced to live. I dont wish that on anyone. I dont want this to become a religious debate but while I do believe in a God, these are reasons I do not go to church and get involved with organized religion. If I want to talk to God I can do it right here. I dont need a special building or golden temple and what kind of religion and selfish, arrogant God says that if you do not worship and praise me for 3 hours a day or whatever then you should die and anyone else who does not believe should die. There has been so many fucked up things go on in this world because of religion, so many men, women and children have died for something that we do not even know 100% exist. I wish you all had the right to choose who and what to believe in. I know that is something that has been fought for for thousands of years and I hate to say you will probably be fighting for a thousand more.


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Good News !
As i said i only I signed up for the exams , so i could just give them and not go to school .
I gave the exams and they gave the results , I have the 2nd best score in my class .

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