ILL Predictions: Maschine Studio Gets An Audio Interface

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    With the recent announcement of Maschine Studio, the next version of Native Instruments' popular controller, there's been a huge buzz about its features, or lack thereof. One of the biggest things that seems to be missing is an audio interface. The reason why many people think that there should be one in Maschine Studio is because of the controller's price tag, which is at $999.

    When Maschine Studio was first announced, I was insanely excited. When I saw the price tag of $999, I immediately thought that it had an interface because of the price, but also because it would be competing directly with the MPC Renaissance (which it already is anyway). When I noticed that it did not have an interface built in, I started to think that if it did, then $999 would be justifiable, because that's a big price jump from the regular Maschine.

    Will there be one in the near future? I think so.

    The Controller

    As it stands, Maschine Studio will not have an audio interface, which is bugging a lot of people because the price is much higher than the regular Maschine controller. However, they must realize that it's not just about the controller, but the software as well, which will be going up to version 2.0. Native Instruments has said that they actually recreated the software from scratch, which is why this is such a huge release for them.

    With a price tag of $999, should there be an audio interface built in? If you take a look at the Akai MPC Renaissance, it has one, but that's because it's coming from the MPC line of products, which is what they're known for. Maschine was built as being a controller, not so much as something you can use for portability.

    Audio Interfaces

    Most people have some sort of audio interface set up in their studio. There are plenty of them to choose from, and all of them will do a great job no matter what the task. The benefit of having a built-in interface is so that, like the MPC Renaissance, it will be the ease of use. It's much easier to just plug your turntable, for example, directly into the Renaissance, rather than into a separate audio interface. But is that such a big deal, having to use something separate?

    Not everyone has a full-fledged mixer, or any type of interface in their studio, and that's fine for them because of Maschine. With Maschine, you can plug it directly into your computer and then control the software - that's it. And that's what Maschine was designed to do! By adding an audio interface into the Maschine controller, this will be convenient for everyone, but not necessary.

    My Prediction

    I predict that either two things will happen in the near future with Native Instruments:
    1. They will add an audio interface to Maschine Studio
    2. They will release an audio interface for Maschine Studio
    I highly doubt that they will add an interface TO Maschine Studio, but I think it's possible that they will have a separate audio interface FOR Maschine Studio. I know that NI already has various interfaces that you can buy, (like mine, the Audio 8), but when it comes to running a company, why not profit off of Maschine Studio? They could easily make an audio interface that will be targeted at Maschine Studio users, and people will gobble it up.

    It may seem stupid to some of you, but think about it - Native Instruments has sold stands and faceplates for Maschine, and lots of people bought them. So if they came out with an audio interface that is marketed to work in tandem with Maschine Studio, I can see them selling very well too.


    What do you think? For some, an audio interface is not needed at all because they do everything on their computer, and maybe they use a built-in soundcard for their outputs. For those that like to have an interface with ins and outs for gear like turntables and microphones, will a Maschine Studio audio interface be marketable? I think so, and that is my prediction.

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    I would hope they would not do that, much better to have a choice in (better) i/o.
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    I run a lynx aurora 8 as my interfacd... i hav no need, but i got a lotta my boys who would
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    For what I paid for the first one….the huge increase in cost isn't enough for me to make the move….