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Yes, it's happening! IllMuzik on YouTube.

I've been considering this for a long time and now seems like a really good time to start making some videos. I'm aiming for a couple of videos each week and so far I have a bunch done because I'm trying to get them done weeks ahead of time.

The goal is to make a vlog of sorts but also to break it up between me talking about beats, tutorials, and just making beats.

One thing that a lot of us seasoned beat makers forget is that for a newbie it's hard to grasp what we're talking about, so with some of these videos I'm aiming them at newbies. I'm going to try and break down some of the basics and take it from there.

So when a new video is up, I'll post it in here. In the meantime, please spread the word about the IllMuzik YouTube channel! If you have any comments, go ahead and post them for each video but also reply here if you'd like.
Who do you go to for the videos.?
What do they cost.?

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Another way to extend a sample if you don't want to tap the tail or find it too obvious would be to take it, reverse it and loop it like that. So, the reversed tail would go right after the original tail and after that, if you have to, you add the original tail after that one etc.

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