Long time digger turned sound designer here.

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    Feb 1, 2018
    whats up, I'm new to the forum and I joined for a few reasons... the self serving reason is to get more awareness for my products... yeah yeah I know ... but the other reason is cause I love making beats, sounds and just the general culture in general.

    My vinyl collection has fluctuated between 20K at the high point down to about 5k now. I love digging ... its in my blood. I never really liked record store digging though, whats the fun in finding records someone already found and marked up? I prefer hitting the flea markets, resale shops etc. thats where the gold is.

    These days I am a sound designer for some major companies so the vinyl I use is relegated to "for fun "... you cant sell anything you didnt actually record in a studio yourself... thats illegal and would not be a good look... hence why my vinyl is down to about 5k pieces.
    That being said, in place of Vinyl I now have about $50k worth of synthesizers and samplers, and a studio to create my own samples that rival some of the best out there. its a blast and I try to always come up with stuff that sounds way different from the huge amount of other sound libraries out there.
    So whether its sampling my Rhodes stage 88 into my E-MU Emax and dropping it to 2 track tape, or running my analog drum machines through a bunch of tube amps... I get to play and make crazy sounds.
    here is the self serving part... I am now on a new platform where the dudes torrenting my shit and essentially making it harder for me to feed my family will I'm sure eventually find me. so in the mean time... here are some Free sounds on NI's new platform .. these are from a few of my analog drum machines and they are WAY over the top and harsh... you wont find drums like these in other peoples packs. this pack is only free for a week, grab it now while you can... native instruments is footing the bill so why not.
    https://sounds.com/release/1980 Fluxed Overdrive here is the link to my set up. on sounds. https://sounds.com/creator/23
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    Oct 1, 2001
    Man this is great, thanks a bunch for the freebie!

    Digging is a great thing, it's too bad there's less and less spots to dig now but it's still a lot of fun. Every so often I find something that I've been looking for for years, or something I had when I was a kid, bringing back memories.