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New Team & Possible Label - Need Producers & Artists

  1. Dreadmillz


    Sep 2, 2017
    yo yo,

    Sir (a member here) and I want to make a serious team! Like forreal, we'll make this work. We're looking for people of various skills and backgrounds to build a new team that can help each other grow and, in turn, grow the team. If this works out, we can turn this into a full record label. I have some skills in web development ...so I can make a website for the team if it gets going.
    ...but we have to start from the ground up! So we need people to join. We'll take anybody and everybody. We're looking for music producers in various Hip Hop genres and Electronic artists, as well as vocalists, and visual artists/video guys.

    Right now, we're just recruiting and organizing. We're using an app/website called Slack to communicate (some of us don't have Facebook, so Slack is the best alternative to work together). Please join the Slack group here: Slack <-- The link works, just add your email, confirm it, and your in. There's an app for your phone as well that can provide quicker notifications.

    So ya, please post here if you're interested and let us know what you do, what genre you produce, what skills you have, and how you can help.
    We also need a name, so post any ideas for a name you may have and we'll all agree on one for the team.
    Thanks! Let's turn this into something cool.

    We can make a page on soundcloud, instagram, etc., and eventually a website ...once people join up.
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