* Please Read* Looking for producers to collaborate with!


Michigan Made Producer
My name is Daffi, I'm a Michigan based, US trap/hip hop producer with a large idea.

I'd like to make a production tape, for non-profit, with all forms of producers and like-minded artists. I want to make around 20-30 finished beats to post on my Soundcloud account to gain exposure in the music scene. If we do collab feel free to post the beat on your page too, just please credit me as I will be crediting everyone that I work with when I post the instrumentals on my page. My thoughts behind this stem from wanting to be heard in areas outside of my hometown, posting a collaborative beat exposes you to my following and me to yours. I want to spread, and help spread my name and the names of other producers so we all can gain some form of exposure while doing what we love.

Start a conversation with me on here, reply to the thread, or email me on Gmail: thedaffishow@gmail.com
Warzone Beat Battle