Important Push notifications!


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I've been asked many times about having an app for IllMuzik but unfortunately there is none right now. The entire site is based on the Xenforo forum software and they don't have an app yet, but hopefully soon.

What they do have is push notifications. I've enabled it so this is a great option since we can't have an app.

To enable notifications, go here: and scroll down then enable notifications. As you can see there are many options you can choose from as to how you're notified.

I'm not able to test it on iOS but it works great on Android. So for all those using Apple devices, please let me know how it's working.

So now you will receive a notification from whichever browser you're using on your device.

And since there's no app, what I also recommend is you add the IllMuzik bookmark to your home screen. This way you will be able to right to the website that way. So if you combine that plus the notifications, it's pretty close to having an app. :woot:

Let me know if you have any questions.