Warzone Beat Battle Info

All the information needed to enter the Warzone beat battle.

*Keep checking back here as the information will change as it leads up to the battle.


There will be 16 spots available for people to compete, with 8 spots open for each side. The winners will receive a custom title under their name in the forums, identifying them as a Warzone champion.


The signups will be one day only and the battle will take place the following day. Check the main Warzone page for further details.


All members can vote in each round.


  1. You must be a member of IllMuzik, with no minimum amount of posts required.
  2. There is no theme for these battles, so you can submit any sort of Hip-Hop track(s) that you want.
  3. To enter, you need to go to the upload page.
  4. You must upload 4 beats.
  5. You CANNOT have tags in your beats!
  6. IllMuzik will be hosting all of the beats.
  7. The winner of each competition will receive battle points and bragging rights.


There are 5 possible titles to win: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

  • Round 1 is a way of determining who will battle where in Round 2. Either it will be the higher tier, or the lower tier.
  • Round 2: no matter what bracket or tier you're in, if you lose, you're gone. If you win, move to Round 3 in the appropriate tier.
  • Round 3: the two winners of the top tier bracket will be in Round 4 battling for the Diamond title. The loser of that gets Platinum. The two losers of the top tier will battle for Gold. The loser gets Silver. The two winners of the lower tiers will battle in Round 4 for the Bronze. The losers are gone.
  • Round 4 (Finals): There will be 5 placings: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.


  • How do I sign up?
    You can signup and upload your beats here. You must upload a beat when you signup.
  • How many beats am I able to upload?
    You will be able to upload 4 beats in total. You can only use 1 beat for each round.
  • What style of beat can I upload?
    Any style you want, but just remember this is a Hip Hop website. Just remember that you're trying to out-do your opponent!
  • Can I have tags in my beats?
  • How long can my beat be?
    Your beat must be no longer than 1 minute.
  • What file format should my beat be in?
    Your beat must be in MP3 format.
  • Can I have vocals in my beat?
    No! This is purely a beat battle. The whole point of the battle is to out-do your opponent with your beats. You can use the occasional vocal snippet, just like in the Beat This! Competitions.
  • When will I know who my opponent is?
    The battle is completely anonymous so you won't know who your opponent is. Once the battle is over, the names will be revealed.


Read these guidelines carefully and follow them. Also, make sure you check out the forums to see what the latest information is regarding the battle.

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