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Attack of the Beats

DJ Mark The 45 King’s Retrospective

Beats. It’s what we all live for, what we as beatmakers and producers breathe every single day, trying our best to create that one hit, one head nodder. …

Let’s Keep Hip Hop Dirty

Quality. It’s what everyone is trying to achieve when they mix down their tracks, to have their mix sound better than the last. It’s something that music …

Every Hip Hop Head Should Listen To Cormega’s “Mega Philosophy”

One of the most underrated rappers coming out of Queens, NY, Cormega teamed up with Nas in the 1990’s on “Affirmative Action” from Nas’ “It Was Written” …

Turntables And Vinyl Are Still Around, Didn’t You Know?

It was the 1990s and Hip Hop was hitting everyone full force. There were artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, KRS-One, Rakim, Group Home, and of course …

Lee Stone Drops Knowledge About Hip Hop Production

Lee Stone is not your typical Hip Hop producer. With a background in Heavy Metal music and having learned different instruments when he was young, he got …

Ugly Heroes Once Again Release Dope Music With “EP”

In case you haven’t heard, Ugly Heroes released an album not long ago titled “EP”. With 9 tracks, this is a solid outing for this trio, and they definitely …

Da Dreak Is Helping Put Dallas On The Map With His Hip Hop Beats

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Da Dreak has been steadily improving his creations with the hard work he’s put in from the various productions he’s done. With …

Nelson Rosa - "Simple Words"
Nelson Rosa - "Jungle Champagne"
Nelson Rosa - "Bubble Gum"
Nelson Rosa - "Reach High"
Nelson Rosa - "Matrix"
djlep - "RnB44"
InFamE - "Crenshaw Trap (Prod. By InFamE)"
The Fill Up Banks Kit
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