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Hunger For More The Drumkit

Use The Right Sounds And Your Beats Will Be Unstoppable

Whether sampling from vinyl or queuing up sounds from your favorite synth, it can be difficult to find the right sound for your productions. There are …

Collaborate On Projects With This Awesome New System From SoundSlates

Soundslates is the ultimate collaboration platform connecting the online music making community through its marketplace. A power filled platform solving …

3 Ways To Keep Your Beats Fresh

Making beats and producing music is a way to express yourself like no other. It’s fun, at the same time frustrating, but it’s also fulfilling. However, …

Forums And Communities Have Declined, But IllMuzik Is Still Here!

Throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, online forums were booming, with people signing up daily in hopes of joining a community of other people that …

It’s Time For The 2014 Battle That! Competition

Each year we have a tournament-style battle called the Battle That! Competition, which is a spin off of our monthly Beat This! Competition. Today, round …

DJ Mark The 45 King’s Retrospective

Beats. It’s what we all live for, what we as beatmakers and producers breathe every single day, trying our best to create that one hit, one head nodder. …

Let’s Keep Hip Hop Dirty

Quality. It’s what everyone is trying to achieve when they mix down their tracks, to have their mix sound better than the last. It’s something that music …

chieftonemedia - "In The Trap"
Beautiful Noise - "Underground Sound (Listen Carefully)"
smcred - ""Back 2 Da Bay" | DJ Mustard | Yo Gotti Type Beat [Prod.By SMCartel]"
Akkoptik - "Cendrillon"
TjombaBeats - "Bounce"
Beautiful Noise - "Midnight"
TjombaBeats - "EaT ThiS"
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