Why You Should Become A Member Of IllMuzik

These are the reasons why you should become a member of IllMuzik, the best Hip Hop production community!

IllMuzik was first created in 2000 as a way for Hip Hop producers and beat makers to be a part of a community. The main reason for its creation was due to a lack of solid communities that did not have tons of spam, rude members, and a lack of moderators. IllMuzik prides itself on not having those issues.

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What sets IllMuzik apart from other Hip Hop websites is that every member here is warmly welcomed and made to feel part of the community, whether they are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran in the Hip Hop game.

Over the years some of our members have gone on to form friendships with other members, as well as form Hip Hop groups that have released songs, albums, music videos, and even gone on tour!

Here are some of the areas of IllMuzik and what they're all about:

Forum Community

This is IllMuzik's backbone. Whenever people think of us, they know that the forum is the place to be, with many sections and categories to check out. We have thousands of members and tons of topics to discuss.

Weekly Newsletter

Our newsletter keeps everyone informed of what's going on, and also provides lots of useful information. Once you signup, you are informed of how to subscribe and unsubscribe if you wish, it's just a simple un-checking of a check-box in your forum settings.

Relevant Articles

One of the areas that has remained consistent over all the years is our articles section. All of them are related to Hip Hop and music production in one form or another, and you're guaranteed to learn something from these well written articles.

Upload Your Beats

We try our best to give as many outlets to our members as possible, so we have our beats section where you can upload your beats. It's something that we're proud of and allows you to share your beats anywhere online, especially in our Showcase section of the forums.

Beat Battles

Our beat battles have really been gaining popularity as of late, which all started with the Beat This! Competition back in 2003. Now we also have our yearly Battle That! Competition, the Attack of the Beats! radio show, Beat It Up!, and now the Warzone Beat Battle. All of them are challenging, yet fun. It's also a great way to interact with other members.

IllMuzik Radio

Around 2004 is when we decided to start our own radio show. At first it started with members submitting their beats, but then it got so popular that we started to take on submissions from non-members. Now we play more full songs than we do beats!

Social Media

Unlike some websites that are set up on every social media outlet, IllMuzik has chosen to use Twitter as our main way to connect. We also have a YouTube channel, and we're on Discord.

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Are you ready to signup? It's very simple: just go to the registration page and answer a few questions. Once it's done, you will receive an email to confirm your address, then you can start posting in the forums as well as partake in all the above mentioned areas of IllMuzik, the best website for Hip Hop production.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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