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Beat This! - Battle #254
July 16, 2020
Theme: Good Bad Ugly Flip

2GooD Productions - "Good Bad Ugly"
YannFer - "Nas - Made You Look (remix)"
Jansoulo - "Quick Draw"
drex - "The Ugly"
Matt-D - "Dangerous Emcees Remix"
other (in alphabetical order)
Edgar - "Filthy"
grinning194 - "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"
iheardasong - "Good Type Bad Type Ugly Type Beat"
Iron Keys - "Nothin Good, That's Bad, You Ugly"
Jim B - "Pug Ugly"
joemonco - "UGLY"
N/A - "N/A"
nicklewertdrums - "50NICK"
Silentz - "Good Bad And Ugly"
skeletaa - "The Good"
skidflow - "Please Raise Your Hand"
thangman - "Dig"

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