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    At what age did you start making beats? How old are you now?

    im exactly the same, started around 22 and im 43 in a couple weeks
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    When Should Someone Stop Making Music?

    if you still enjoy making music then make music, when it comes to music, if your heart isnt in it then the music isnt going to be as good.
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    Aging/Ageism In Hip Hop

    hip hop had a strange evolution, it used to be gangsters that wanted to be entertainers, then it became entertainers that wanted to be gangsters. I find that hip hop has generally become very narrow in its subject matter, it used to be a very diverse genre, in a genre where originality used to...
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    Came across this today, its dope as FUCK!!! Had to share

    Yeah I checked out some tracks last night, but nothing came close to that tribute "freestyle", I put freestyle in quotes, because its no freestyle.
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    Came across this today, its dope as FUCK!!! Had to share

    @Beat Jockeys I think he has a slight Rakim tone to his voice. Nice skills regardless.
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    Jazz Against The Machine - "Bombtrack"

    Both flips are good.
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    MPC2500 tracking out help

    With modern daws being so powerful, its always best to use the daw as master. You can then add vst plugins to the tracks.
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    How to get OLDSCHOOL sounding BASS?

    For old style 90's bass, you should also look into "Low end theory", which is simply filtering a sample with a bassline so that the higher frequencies are taken away, leaving just the bassline. A potential problem will be the kick drum as it shares frequency range with the bassline, so try to...
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    Once I had a dream in a dream, it was some fucked up scary shit too. Thought I had woken up but nope.
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    Difference Between A Music Producer & A Beat Maker

    the difference between a beat maker and a producer in the world we live in now is that a producer makes finished songs, sees the process through from beginning to end, controlling the production process. A beatmaker makes beats. You can be one man in your bedroom studio, and still be a producer...
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    never had a dream where i fell asleep
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    Mono vs Stereo "lead" sounds?

    It really depends on the sound whether its better as mono or stereo, for example, some synths can be very rich and in stereo, in which case they should be stereo, and other sounds like vocals, drum hits, and basslines, should be in mono. The panning is also important, you want to play sounds...
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    Showcase - January 1-7, 2018

    The vocal itself was okay, but the lack of backing doubles and adlibs just makes it hard for the vocal to stand on its own, IMO. Just stick with it, you will get it in the end. Its a fine balance when adding adlibs and backing doubles, keep it subtle, and it makes a huge difference, just dont...
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    Showcase - January 1-7, 2018

    your vocal could really do with some doubles, it really does make a difference, especially to make certain words stand out. The beat is dope, you have a bit of an accent, Im detecting oop norf somewhere. Its a cool track though, and like you say, with a bit of mixing, it could be really polished.