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    It's 2019 - who's still using MIDI?

    I have my MPC 1000 MIDI'd to my Roland XP-60. And if I so choose to use a DAW like FL Studio or Reason from time to time, my MIDI chain goes through my equipment to my interface so I can use both the MPC and the Roland Keyboard as MIDI controllers. Also, I can sync to Audition when I track out...
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    Thinking of getting the Behringer X32 Mixing Desk

    I'm not going to lie, I've used quite a lot of Behringer gear over the course of my career, from the big 32 channel Eurodesk Pro, to the 16 channel Xenyx mixer (this was part of my live rig for many years, now it's for production; almost 15 years and still going strong with no issues). A lot...
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    Does anyone know where can I find this horn stab??

    If you're crafty, you could snatch it off that Mac Miller joint though...
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    Does anyone know where can I find this horn stab??

    I checked WhoSampled on those two songs, and they don't have any sampled songs in common. I skimmed through the tracks that they did sample, back a couple generations to the originals, and didn't find the horn. I could probably recreate it on my Roland though, its just a simple and pretty...
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    MPC 1000 issue

    Question for the hive mind. Ok, so I started this beat a few minutes ago from scratch. On this program, I have my drums loaded on Bank A, and the samples of the loops I played and recorded from my keyboard on Bank B. So the 2 samples were 8 bar loops I played on the keyboard. Track 1 and track...
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    who uses reverbnation???

    I still use it. The music player on my artist page on FB is a Reverb Nation widget. Artists that have music on their FB pages kinda have to use it lol, so the site is far from dead. I prefer it over soundcloud because I put some of my songs from my previous albums on my SC, and triggered my...
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    Good free software for beginners ?

    The trial version of FL should be sufficient. Learn it. The full version will do basically everything you'll ever want it to do, and you can customize it to your work flow. It's very versatile, and my favorite beatsmithing DAW. I think Arvin might have a solution for you.
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    Thoughts on mpc compression?

    The MPC has a pretty distinct sound, for a combination of reasons, one of which being the compressor. It's not a great compressor, but it's very musical and usable, and it has a sound that many are familiar with and appreciate. However, the compressor is just one piece of the MPC sound and...
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    Claudio Gizzi - "Frankenstein's Theme"

    You got an alternate link for that? I'm trying to check you out, but for whatever reason, I can't get it to play.
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    Wu Tang features

    I'm Bino of Mo Thugs, and right now I'm working heavy with my dude Solomon Childs. He's eager to work, and willing to do features for a very reasonable price to accommodate the up and coming underground artists out there. If you'd like to get a Wu Tang feature for your project, we can make that...
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    Anybody got any good alternatives to Soundcloud?

    Not SoundCLOUD, SoundCLICK. I wanna say that predated Reverb Nation quite a bit, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Anyone know where to find that Three 6 mafia Harp that they used "Doe Boy Fresh" and other songs?

    Sounds very Roland JV-ish... I have an expanded Roland XP-60 that I'll never get rid of because the sound of that thing is amazing.
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    Copyright lil nas x

    The Old Town Road sample is cleared now, but it wasn't initially. Clearance came way after the fact... about the same time a lawsuit normally would've lol
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    Anybody got any good alternatives to Soundcloud?

    I use Reverb Nation, for a couple reasons. For starters, I can put a music player on my Facebook artist/like page. Secondly, I when I set up my Soundcloud, I put a few tracks from my last album on there and triggered my own copyright protection and they kept taking my shit down, so I really...