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    Anyone know or have samples from Biggies “Notorious Thugs”?

    Stevie J made the track. Can't find any evidence of any samples though, so either he played it from scratch, or didn't clear any samples. Listening to some of his other productions, like Mariah carey & Bone "Breakdown" (also no samples; he composed it from scratch), homeboy had skills on the...
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    A Producers Birthday Party

    I'm 18 & 21 lol
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    Travis Barker drum samples on Splice

    I'm not really one for loops either, I was just curious about the one-shot drum samples.
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    A Producers Birthday Party

    Well Sunday was my birthday, and I kicked it off like a real producer should... when midnight rolled around Saturday night, I was on stage with Bone Thugs-n-harmony, Trae the Truth, and Mean Green rocking out. Since then, I’m in the lab cooking up some fire beats for Krayzie Bone and...
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    Travis Barker drum samples on Splice

    Has anyone checked out the Travis Barker drum samples on Splice? I'm kinda interested, but not sure if I wanna sign up to Splice just for that.
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    FL Studio export low quality

    You're comparing a raw beat you made to a fully mixed and mastered commercial song. That's where the difference is. Nothing wrong with FL Studio (unless you have your export settings messed up).
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    Mo Thugs in the building

    Music has always been my passion. I also have Synesthesia, and that accounts for a lot of the way I approach my production, and probably the reason I've always gravitated towards all things music. After I saw Bart Simpson drop a music video, Vanilla Ice rock out on stage with the Ninja...
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    Mo Thugs in the building

    Thanks guys, glad to be here.
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    Akai Fire controller for FL

    I like the step sequencer, not gonna lie... although I think a hardware controller for a step sequencer is just a cash grab for Akai. I see no logical reason for this, but that's just me... On another note, I use both my MPC 1000 and my Roland XP-60 as MIDI controllers for FL & Reason. Banging...
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    Studio Monitors

    Alesis M1 MK2 active monitors and a Samson Resolv 12a sub monitor, via PreSonus Central Station monitor controller.
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    What kind of interface do you have?

    I have 3 PreSonus FP-10 Firepods in my rack daisy-chained via FireWire (along with the Central Station monitor controller), giving me a total of 24 simultaneous inputs.
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    Mo Thugs in the building

    Hey y'all. I'm Bino of Mo Thugs. I'm a recording artist, producer, and engineer signed to Mo Thugs Records under Layzie Bone of Bone thugs~n~harmony, and the CEO of the southern branch Mo Thugs South. I've worked as an in-house engineer for Mo Thugs and Swisha House for quite some time. I've...
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    Anyone know or have samples from Biggies “Notorious Thugs”?

    The only credited sample on that track is Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M., although it must be pretty obscure. That's pretty much an original composition, not really a sampled beat. I'll ask about it for you, but Bizzy and Layzie told me it was one of Puffy's guys who did the beat, so I don't know how much...

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