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    City Limits - "Love"

    Yea, and when u already have a few bar loop going, its an easy way to add a change up, and it also sounds really dope too!
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    City Limits - "Love"

    @Fade Smooth and simple... Well done! I like the filtered part as well... I did something similar with my flip ;) I also found time to flip it! Enjoy :biggrin:
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    Any advice?

    Sounds good to me! Not sure how many members are into this genre, but I've had good results with recording live guitar thru a mic placed in front of the cab vs direct thru an audio interface... If u can get the volume/drive dialed in you can get some feedback thru the mic, which would sound good...
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    Beat This! - April 24-25, 2019

    Why didn't I enter this one?! :confusedphones: Made a beat... Been working some long hours, and been up late watching nba playoffs... I figured there would be way more entries, and I was't really liking the quality of the acapella, but oh well
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    Amedeo Tommasi - "The House With Laughing Windows"

    So yea... I flipped it. Been sitting on it for about a week, kept it short and sweet. Enjoy!
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    Beat This! - March 27-28, 2019

    Same here, not my style of sample... but I made something, so I figured Id submit it Thanks! I wasnt super into the beat I made, also thought the mixing needed some work! @Dahmi Mortals Couldve been my beat too... definitely mixed on some rokit 6’s @Cayenne Congratulations my friend, I always...
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    Beat This! - February 20-21, 2019

    Man... completely forgot about the battle until late last night, was working out of town and didnt get home until late :confused: Thanks to everyone for listening, and thanks to A Bullet For My Valentine for a dope sample... Although i did play a lil live guitar over the sample to make it a lil...
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    Tyrone Davis - "Be With Me"

    Not super happy with this one, too repetitive... but it's whatever :confusedphones:
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    What kind of interface do you have?

    I've also always been interested in the Native Instruments Komplete Audio interface... Prob just because it comes with 3GB of Komplete Elements instruments and effects...
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    What kind of interface do you have?

    Tascam US 2x2... Nothing fancy, had it for a few years, no problems... Mainly use it to record guitar, but also use it with a condenser mic to record acoustic instruments
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    Carlo Maria Cordio - "Sudden Death (Aenigma)"

    @RizzakBeats Smooth! A change up would've been nice tho... @Wesbeats Similar idea as me... Sounds like you took a piece of the piano from the beginning and slowed it down? Even the lil filtered change up... I guess great beat makers think alike?! lol (I never listen to these beats until I'm...
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    Beat This! - December 19-20, 2018

    @44Beatzz Congrats! Dope beat, not really hearing the xmas theme... other than the intro and hohoho’s here and there... meh, still sounds good tho @DEEZ BEATZ Crazy! Lol Wasnt expecting that, not really my style, but still super creative... drum patterns and drum sounds on point as usual, great...
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    Peter Brown - "Without Love"

    @Cayenne Really nice use of the sample... High end is a bit loud and "high" for my ears? Still a dope beat tho, drums sound nice! This one was a lil difficult for me, as the bpm was a lil faster than I usually work with... Just couldn't come up with anything interesting at a lower tempo... Kept...
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    Gianni Marchetti - "February"

    @Cayenne Dope as usual! but I was waiting for a part to come in where you looped the 1st few bars of the chord progression... I think that might sound good too! :biggrin: @Dez-NYCe Acapella sounds good... but I would've liked to hear more of the beat alone, without the acapella tho... Electric...
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    Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper

    @Cayenne Flames... ;) @Wesbeats Interesting... Not crazy about the second part of the intro, but the beat is pretty cool tho! My take on it...

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