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    Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

    @JayMMTL Thanks for the feedback...Your beat sounds cool...It feels like a trap beat but with a different sound selection. I think you should match that ambient background with something else in the seems distant, and everything else up close, maybe process the drums and piano with...
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    Nostalgia...Beat Tape for Boom Bap Lovers :D

    Dope! Had time to listen half of it, I'm liking it so far...#4,5 & 6 are my favs...
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    I needed a mental health beat-break

    Not Yet!
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    Tips on selling more beats on your Website

    Thanks for this advice...I find it usefull, I just disagree with "type beat" thing. I know it is SEO stuff but man that just sounds like a producer is in this game just for the money, and just "manufacturing" beats like on factory lane,stripped down of any enjoyment and integrity...
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    Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

    @Ghost Bazz I guess you were more on the experimental side with this. I like your use of delay and reverb, the vocal sample and drums are on point. But I was bothered by the nontraditional arranging, there were too many unexpected switchups, I guess too many for me...I felt like your beat was...
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #19

    Congrats @Natalie Merdame that was a dope beat.
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    @Y-DOLEM I like the drum work on this, sounds pretty funky and original, nice sample chops. That bass coming in on 0:20 sounds out of tune, you can tweak it. Sounds like you panned a couple of the instruments on the right, so it does sound little unbalanced on my headphones...Overall, pretty good.
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    Beat This! - October 10-11, 2018

    I'm thinking something smooth and sexy...October 11th is my wedding anniversary. I will dedicate this beat to my wife for putting up with me...
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    Sure bro, that's why we're here, to give you a wake up call :D If it matters, I feel that I make better beats in the morning, I guess sleep does affect all aspects of our life, making music included...
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    well, post the link here then.
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    Thank you for your feedback gentlemen... @Matt-D Man if I were you I would start this remix again. I think is too busy and I suggest using different sounds maybe something more organic or soulful idk. Try to find the key from the song...and make the beat according to it Like this, it sounds...
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    @JTMONEY Thank for the props. I'm glad you like. I like that atmosphere in your beat, your melody is awesome. I would take it off for a chorus/verse thing, melody coming in just in the chorus and you could come up with something else on the verse, so when you bring up the melody...
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    Showcase - October 1-7, 2018

    Nice beat @C4NTK33P5T1LL you can feel the aggressiveness and violence in it :) I like how you change those vocals on upbeat than on downbeat. Although when on the upbeat they can be tighter, like the last couple of stabs of the loop. Overall pretty dope... Here is mine...
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    Off Topic Get Feedback On Your Beats (And Give Some Too)

    This article needs more changeups :D
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    Beat This! - September 26-27, 2018

    @Producer KD congrats on your win, shout out to @MikeTheComposer you had my vote with those smooth vibes...

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