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    Production In The Studio: Should You Get Rid Of Your Stuff?

    I've had this problem for years. I think gear comes and goes as your musical tastes grows or changes. I personally like outboard gear. Only because I can pick it up and take it with me anywhere.
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    Equipment Needed To Make Beats

    Check out Reaper for a DAW. It's free for 30 days and you can use all the tools that comes with the paid version.
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    Changed from VST to real Bassguitar

    I picked up the bass back in 2004 and I'm still learning more and more. I'm old school so I had to learn from books and people teaching me. Taking lessons is a great way to start off. The amount of practice you put into it will be paid back in full with your skills. Basic theory and technique is...
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    Lyric-Recording CEntrance MixerFace R4

    I would say just use your phone. If you don't want to carry extra hardware around and if you aren't trying to record full mixes.
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    What is the best Akai drum machine?

    The Akai Rhythm wolf lol. I know it's received a lot of bad feedback for many reasons. I honestly like the sounds that it puts out.
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    Android Midi Questions?

    Greetings to everyone. I have a few questions for android users and if anyone has any experience with midi connections with it. I'm trying to connect my android tablet to a few hardware devices I own. Mainly to send midi out to my drum machines. Some of these machines have usb and all of them...
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    Tutorials How to Make Beats - Part 7: Creating a Bassline

    One of the main reasons why I picked up a bass is because of hip hop beats. It can get boring and frustrating at times, but trying different techniques and formulas have always helped me. The best guide I have ever used is the circle of 5ths.
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    What's Everyone's Instagram to Network and Keep in Touch?

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    2016 Albums, singles, EP's, etc.

    I was watching Preacher last night on AMC, and this soulful song came up. It was Eli "Paperboy" Reed - Your Sins will find you out.
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    2016 Albums, singles, EP's, etc.

    What are you listening to that came out this year? I understand this is a very vague question, however I wanna see what new albums, singles, EP's, whatever is out there. Can be bands from 19 forgotten and just made an album this year. And GO...
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    Guitar Pedals

    I tried my digitech bass whammy with my arturia microbrute and my volca bass. Octave pedal + synth is great!
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    Hardware Synths

    Nice! I haven't dug too deep into software for my guitar yet. I just got a peavey 6505 MH in the mail yesterday though!:D
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    Hardware Synths

    Do you have any experience with mesa's cab clone? Or the two note torpedo? Or any box thing like that lol.
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    Hardware Synths

    I play guitar and bass so having something physical in front of me is essential. Although playing virtual synthesizers that have a physical box is the same thing as playing software, I do enjoy tweaking knobs and keys. Analog gear is what I really like to use. Not because it's popular or there...

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