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    Off Topic This Is Why Most Rappers Today Suck

    Thanks for the heads-up on that one, @OGBama . I'm not on there, but I do know of drewsthatdude from his drum pack. :up2: (And @Fade? While I'm on here; when are you gonna get some cool emojis? I feel like these are ones that my buddies six yr old girl would have on her phone. ;) <---- ....see...
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    Beat This! - September 26-27, 2018

    I don't know what you're trying to pull, @Fade , but this whole 60 second beat idea probably isn't something that you want to catch on--think about it for a minute. If producers start giving rappers 60 second beats, we'd miss out on all of the soulful "skrrrttt"'s, "wooop"'s, "Killuh"'s and...
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    Off Topic This Is Why Most Rappers Today Suck

    It will end when people stop buying into the personas that these labels create for these rappers. Everyone wants to be hard, that's people watch Clint Eastwood movies; everyone wants to be rich, that's why there are so any shows on television that showcase people with money (usually in some vain...
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    Production 20 of the Most Influential Hip Hop Producers of All Time

    At this point, after all three having been around for about 15-20 yrs, I might have to include a few of my all-time favorites, 9th Wonder, Khrysis and Jake One, all three having very unique styles. Good list though; nice call on the often overlooked, Large Professor, @Fade .
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    Beat This! - September 12-13, 2018

    Haha, @DEEZ BEATZ is spot-on. This is looking to be a bastard to flip. This is as bad as Rhythm Roulette, @Fade .:biggrin: I love a challenege, so I may have to set aside all of the crap I'm working on just give it a shot....we'll see. Either way, best of luck to all. :)
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    Off Topic Why Producers Should Demand Respect

    @OGBama I'm well aware of this. You are also seeing more and more producers who are doing full albums for people and getting their names on the covers, two of my favorites in the past 10 years; Jake One & Brother Ali "Mourning in America....," Dephlow & Phoniks "Deph Threats" and the new...
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    Production Hip Hop Production or CSI Beats?

    @MaseedProd - Imagine the processing power it would require to run this as a VSTi or an AU. My PC hates me enough just playing a 20 layer track and fuckin with the EQ. It would mutiny if I used this. @Fade : 1) I think any new gadgetry is fine as long as it isn't making the music for you. I...
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    Off Topic Should Rappers Write Their Own Lyrics?

    @2GooD Productions I agree. How the hell do you lay claim to a track when someone else made the music and someone else wrote the lines? That makes you a puppet rapper. @Fade I can see how people who freestyle might have difficulty tying together a track. Just because Immortal Technique, Snoop...
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    When you just cant make anything good

    @2GooD Productions Nah, different person. I was making beats back then (in the Myspace era,) but it was all local, no social media. I have seen other people over the years with my name, but I have always used case-sensitive "eXACT" because it was originally the way I threw up my graff name back...
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    Off Topic Should Rappers Write Their Own Lyrics?

    @Fade I think it was Evidence from Dilated peoples who said that "...emcee's without a voice should write a book...or not." The idea being, not just about having the actual voice for it (some rappers just sound nasally or weird; you can probably think of one or two,) but having something to...
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    When you just cant make anything good

    @spaceNTime - I usually try an array of things including switching up what I listen to. That isn't too difficult because I really do listen to everything, but I try and stray away from anything that is even remotely Hip Hop and aim for instrument-driven stuff. Another thing I do is record and...
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    Production Tascam Porta One - A Look Back

    @Fade Haha, I remember those. I used them for recording everything from guitar leads and bass lines, to whatever vinyl stuff that chopped up before I knew shit about sampling. I was just a drummer recording me playing and then throwing instruments on my drum tracks. (None of the instruments were...
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    Tutorials Improve Your Mixes By Learning New Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

    Okay, first, good heads up, Fade. I recommend this book as well. I had been thinking about buying it some while back, even though there is so much information online it's overwhelming, but it turned out, I didn't have to buy it. I came across some guy on a forum some months ago (yes, I'm...
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    Tutorials 5 Ways to Make Beats That Will Sell

    I have to comment on a couple of these that stand out as particularily true. #4 Make Your Mix Great is one that is obvious as all shit, but it gets overlooked often. I am dating myself here, but has anyone rocked "Soul On Ice" by Ras Kass? That albums is solid, except for the fact that many...
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    Off Topic This Is Why Most Rappers Today Suck

    Yeah, everyone is on a bandwagon, but, not in their defense, but record labels have been making it increasingly difficult in the past decade for unique emcee's to get a deal. Most record labels won't take a chance on a rapper who doesn't fit tightly into a demographic that is selling. This is...
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