warzone (jan 18-19) signup begins in...

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    Featured Warzone Beat Battle - January 18-19, 2019

    4 spots left at this point. Let's go!
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    Akai Force

    Looks like they took a lot of inspiration from Ableton for sure.
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    Akai Force

    Just saw this posted up, it looks like Akai has something new for the masses. It's interesting that it's a standalone, which is a good thing. Features: Standalone - no computer required 8x8 clip launch matrix with RGB LEDs 7" color capacitive multitouch display Mic/Instrument/Line Inputs, 4...
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    Attack of the Beats! - January 15, 2019

    No problem. I go by order I receive them pretty much. There's a lot of entries so unfortunately that's why I sometimes get behind a bit.
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    Attack of the Beats! - January 15, 2019

    Yeah it's definitely a good sample and you did a great job with it!
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    Fixed Videos playlist

    I changed the videos page so that now it's strictly a YouTube playlist of a collection of beat making videos. This way you don't have to go through numerous pages to view all the videos. View the videos page.
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    Attack of the Beats! - January 15, 2019

    Episode #163! @ConspiracyMuzik @DJ Hipnotik @Drago Zetić @MIGHTYMAX beats @NONONSENSEBEATS
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #37

    Who has the best beat? Vote in the poll above @ArvinArmani @Copyno @Natalie Merdame
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #36

    This battle is finished.
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    Here's Juneau from The Netherlands

    Welcome! Take a look around, there's plenty of information on here to get started. A great place first is the Articles section.
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    Hey guys, new producer here: Prod.By SOLD

    Welcome to the ILL!
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    Showcase - January 14-20, 2019

    **RULES** You MUST leave feedback or your post will be removed. Post your beats! And please provide feedback.
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    Sticky WaveFormz Hip Hop Radio

    Episode #104! TRACK LIST: Black Thought - Streets Klaus Layer - Sleepy Hollow People Godfather Don & Jazz Spastiks - Listen Close Keysha Freshh - Boogie Flats Czarface - Iron Claw Jeremiah Jae - Backpacks A.G. - Everything Is Backwards O.C. - In The Paint (feat. David Bars & Majestic Gage)...
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    Featured Warzone Beat Battle - January 18-19, 2019

    The next battle will be from January 18-19th! See the information below. Signups The signups will be on January 18th at 10am ET, and end around 8pm ET, or until we reach 16 contestants (whichever comes first). Voting will be for 1 day, on January 19th, where the results will be posted the same...
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    New Overseas Work Grind!

    Very smooth! And the video is well done too...