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    IllMuzik vets

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    Ross is weak but yess he used to be a C.O.
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    January 9-10, 2014 - Comments & Questions

    thanks for everyone who voted!! and shout out to all the beat makers in the buildin! yall are gifted..keep it up!
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    Showcase - January 6-12, 2014

    Johan Brood - #2 This is a really dope beat...i like the arrangement but the mix is very hollow... over compression?? over limiting on the master?? super crunch check that KDVS - This is interesting from the start. Nice clean dry mix. this is all acapella/acoustic correct? it sounds very...
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    This chick's ass is super duper

    yo her instagram is off the hook! haha... E-Creep
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    January 9-10, 2014 - Comments & Questions

    Its on like mothafuckin DONKEY KONG!!!!
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    We all make music, but...

    I cant quite put a name to it but it well rounded...
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    Dont Call It A Comeback!!!

    Yo Yo Yo! Mic Check 1-2! ... Gene Flo here checkin in once again! I am a long time ILLMUZIK member and I have been away from the site for a while. I have been back to peek in here and there mainly in the BEAT THIS! and other production discussions. I have managed to find time between the...
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    How do you find time to make music?

    Since I got the full time job i have to find time on the weekends to get my stuff done. I try and use my time wisely and I manage ok without losing my mind!!!!! I used to be here on illmuzik all the time when I had just that... TIME! it was making beats working on project and vibing off of...
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    Cesar Comanche - Miss You (Remix)

    Yo FADE this is the stuff I like finding! this beat is dope! real head nod knockin.. good positive vibes!
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    PMP WORLDWIDE : What do you think ?

    PMP is like any other outlet for selling or marketing your beats... The more work you put in is the more work you will get from it whether it be positive or negative. Enjoy the experience!
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    Awesome new beatmaking crew

    by the looks of it... they are half off! ... ohhhh!(snare roll...crash)
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    Is hip-hop bad for black America?

    “The way that music changed, it shows how our society also changed,” she points out. “It’s also because it’s made to look easy. Back in the day, when you were listening to it, you’d be like, ‘Can’t nobody rap like that!’ But now everybody feels like they can put a record out. I think it’s...
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    STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Gene Flo - "Current Events"

    Blessings and Happy New Year Illmuzik! Gene Flo here kickin off the new year with some new tunes! It's a perfect time to relax and reflect on the past year and look forward to the blessings of the upcoming months. "Current Events" is the perfect soundtrack for your listening pleasure! This is...