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    Just drop another Instrumental album

    I just drop "The Ingredients 2" today. Come check it out:
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    Billy Paul - "I Want Cha Baby"

    Lovely sample indeed. Tons of opportunities in this sample. I used the sample bass this time, and I had fun with this flip:
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    City Limits - "Love"

    I thought about using the sample bass and ride it from there, but I decided to challenge myself and add one. But you are right it does sounds a lot smoother with it..
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    City Limits - "Love"

    @Fade Your beat sounds like a 9th beat. I love how you kept the bass simple and easy, and the way you did the filters was dope @crog85 Dope flip as always, also I like how you bring your flips alive @Dez-NYCe I love that grittiness you did with the beat. I thought the snare was loud at first...
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    Anybody got any beattapes i could see

    Check my sig under bandcamp to listen to my beat tape
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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #51

    #1 is nice but it's sounds like you recorded in a static room.. #2 would've been at top, (for me at least) but it's not mix properly or not mix at all #3 Add another instrument...
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    I need your feedback

    1. Why did you sign up here? I love to network with more people and plus this site format is easy and clean 2. Why do you not post your own threads? I post a couple of threads a while ago. Maybe ill post some more in the future 3. Why do you not reply? Sometimes I'm busy with personal life...
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    Current state of the battles

    I'm just gonna be blunt....if you lose to a battle, step your game up and get better. I never win a "beat this" and I joined many times but it also makes me wants to go harder. That's how you learn and upgrade as a producer/beatmaker. (For people who like Dragonball, be like Vegeta and try to be...
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    Amedeo Tommasi - "The House With Laughing Windows"

    @joemonco I like the lofi feel of the beat and also the drums goes good with it. I would turn down the shakes/hats just a little but other than that...dope flip I added some overdrive on my snare but enjoy:
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    Beat This! - March 27-28, 2019

    I'm in this time..
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    Showcase - March 18-24, 2019

    @madja I can't hear your beat. (Took it down?) @tomkillsjerry your beat is beautifully mix. Change up is dope and overall the beat is nice @MickMain haha...i love that snare sound. Your chops are well likes @Kod4R I'm digging that melody man. Goes good with the drums. @Beaubeats...
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    Showcase - March 18-24, 2019

    I'll be the first one to post...
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    Beat This! - March 13-14, 2019

    Damn @gt90 I remember you in the FP forum days. I see you upgraded big time. Congrats on the win bro..
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    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    @Dez-NYCe I like it. It has that old school vibe to it. The drums on point @K-waz Damn man your beats never disappoint me. It has that ride feel to it. The melody is dope my dude @GhostChamberz I barely hear your beat cuz the acapella kinda ruined it for me...sorry. But the stuff I did hear...
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    My instrumental album

    Thanks man I appreciate it. Every time I make a beat, I get the feel of which ingredient will sound like and if it fits the description. Plus I like to

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