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    Any Recomendations? ^^This website was useful for me to get my cpu usage down a bit.
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    real hip hop today

    Yep, after having a guitarist, bassist and saxophonist living in my building I can concur. They're all students like me who are more than happy to just play and have me record them. I then do the same thing as you, treat the recorded parts like samples and chop them up. One main thing iv...
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    How many hardcore Ableton users?

    Ive got Live 8 suite, and its really powerful as a sequencer. Session mode is the most intuitive, fast way to get ideas down quickly, and with Sampler, and Drum Racks, it has a lot of power under the hood. Explore it a little more, and you'll find its the most flexible, enjoyable DAW out there.
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    Break manipulation/drum programming

    Good post man, learnt a few useful tips, always looking to improve my drum programming techniques.
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    HOw Much have you invested in your Lab?

    Acer laptop - £730 M-Audio USB Audiophile - £100 M-Audio Oxygen 49 - £100 Vinyl - £30 Ableton Live 5, Cubase SX 2, Battery 2, Kontakt 2, Adobe Audition 1.5 - "free" Its intersting how many people (me included) r using "free" software..oh well do what you can to get by. Got full...
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    How many hardcore Ableton users?

    Very, very dope program when you get into it. I'm an only software user, so I went from Cubase SX as my main pre-production tool, to Live 5, and the work flow is so much faster. Just try it out, also it has the power to be ur main DAW as well. I use it with Kontakt and Battery and I love the...