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    The New Kid in Town

    bet bro, this is fire - email me: let's get this bread @tyjewels
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    Showcase - October 22-28, 2018

    I don't even know how to approach this so I'm just gonna post my beat and go I'll give feedback I promise
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    The New Kid in Town

    @Fade Thanks so much, and yeah, you're right, it's honestly mad fun experiencing both sides of rapping and producing.
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    The New Kid in Town

    @OGBama Oh, trust me, I did find rapping fun, and I still do. However, I feel as though production lets me express myself in a way that rap can't capture, as well as it lets me feel as though I have a great amount of control of the direction a song goes.
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    The New Kid in Town

    Yerrrrr what's good, I'm Mo and I make beats (because I'm broke) and have been doing so since July of 2017. What drove me to begin making beats was the fact that I've been rapping since 2016 and decided that I don't want to use free instrumentals so I've decided to make my own and found that...

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