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    Showcase - January 7-13, 2019

    Okay so I went a bit outside of my usual stuff but I think it came out decent to say the least xD Check out the previous beats if you want to and have time, both beats I uploaded recently were in the Battle That (sadly didn't make it past round 1, oh well better luck next time) Feedback...
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    When did you start making beats ?

    I'm 26 (1992), started playing the guitar at 14 or 15, started recording at 17 (mostly acoustic guitar + vocals, I can kind of sing). I had "non classical" training and my former guitar teacher is a vocalist/ mixing engineer (quite successful at the latter). I stopped taking lessons at 18, when...
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    Gianni Marchetti - "February"

    Pfff I'm saving this beast ahahaha
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    Showcase - May 21-27, 2018

    @Dot Holla I like the mix, maybe a bit bass heavy, but I think it's a matter of taste. I would do 2 things, one would be to do some eq cuts on the vocal sample, it sounds a bit annoying by the end of the song and if you cut some frequencies off it could sustain itself better. The other thing I...
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    Showcase - May 14-20, 2018

    @EsquireMusic111 2/2 bangin' :) @Matt-D drums are sounding great and the melody sounds nice, but I'd play around with some effects, EQ, etc. to give it a more laid back vibe that fits better with the drums. I shouldn't do this but hey it's the ILL, I got nothing but love for ya'll :) New...
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    Showcase - May 14-20, 2018

    @EsquireMusic111 Maybe lower the volume on the keys, other than that the mix is sounding good. @tomkillsjerry Really liked the first one although I think the hat rolls don't fit that much with the chill vibe. It's only noticeable in the part where you leave the hats and the melody so maybe...
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    New ILL Compilations

    How about going even deeper with the themes and making something like a Dilla Tape, West Coast Funk Tape, East Coast Boom Bap, Dirty South, New Wave Trap, etc.
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    Beat This! - March 28-29, 2018

    Really good competition (as always) in this one and I feel humbled that my beat was dope enough to pull the win. Thanks to everyone that voted, feels good to finally win one here xD
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    Attack of the Beats! - February 24, 2018

    This one I did a few months ago, I actually uploaded one recently that's probably why my name came up :P. But yeah, I'll probably end up doing something with this when I'm done with what I'm working on.
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    Attack of the Beats! - February 24, 2018

    @Fade Thanks a lot for the review my man, this one is old ahahah. It was done for a cypher that's why I tried to keep it as simple as possible with no hook. But being that it was actually not used at the time, I may actually do something with this put some horns on it and I have the perfect MC...
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    Showcase - February 5-11, 2018

    Hey everyone, haven't been here in a while I've been busy with some other stuff. However, I got this one to share, mainly just to showcase it and get those play counts up. I'm really happy with the outcome, check it out if you have the chance: @Drago Zetić that beat is dope, I'm over here...
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    Showcase - December 18-24, 2017

    @A.R. DASUPASTAR Where the drums at? xD The flip sounds nice but it would sound even better with some aggressive drums and a brass ensemble. I've been flipping a bossa nova track for a couple of days, but I feel that something is missing here.
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    Net Neutrality in the US

    Well it would depend how the internet suppliers would want it to be. As a person who lives in Portugal, where there is "no net neutrality" as many are claiming, I can tell you my personal experience with it: - There are no speed issues whatsoever regarding visiting site X or site Y, the...
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    Peace y'all

    You're good then :) (i think, i haven't tried that kit). The one I'm talking about has around 40 kicks, 60 snares and 20ish perc sounds as well as some loops. Most of the kit is salvageable, but it's just a tedious process having to open up each sample an applying a fade out. There's a pretty...
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    Peace y'all

    Welcome :). What Dilla kit did you download? There's a Dilla kit lurking around the interwebs that has some pretty noticeable (and annoying) popping sounds, be careful with that one xD
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