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I'm Boris, i am a beatmaker from Belgium i live in a city called Genk (where talent is born) haha!.. i grew up with 2 sisters allways bossin the sh$% out of me.. so back then my only friends where the wutang clan,ODB (RIP), 2pac(RIP),dr dre,snoop,big L(RIP)biggie(RIP) (woow so many dead rappers!) and the list goes onnnn.... and when i was in a mood for dancing my man michael Jackson(RIP) was poped in the cassete deck ooow yeahhh boyyyy! My sisters allways laughed at me and my shitty dancemoves buy eyyyyyy gues what i didn't give a damn becouse I LOVED music back then and still today i make beats to exspress my feelings to the people around me this is who i am... an unknown(unsigned) beatmaker from Genk (Belgium) thnx 4 ur time and thnx to my sisters for making me who i am now! Hahaha!!.....peace.
Jul 6, 1986 (Age: 33)
Beat Style
Mostly boombap
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