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    How to get beat placements???!!!

    Honestly getting placements with established artists is like the lottery. Dudes are throwing beats at them constantly. If you really want to be a producer find the dope rapper with 100 followers. That's where you can get somewhere. And at a year and a half in you can't expect the world to...
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    Sticky Showcase - March 18-24, 2019

    @Klypse nice mixing on this one those strings are nice reminds me of 70s Kung Fu flicks @madja can hear 21 on this they 808 is bumpin Lol honestly the change up on this beat is retarded but it works haha Hell In High Water
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    Did I get played?

    aint shit you can do i mean $500 i might have tracked sleep down and laid him to rest haha. but yea just keep on movin. if your beats are dope you'll find your way through the noise. anything like this comes up again hit me up anytime on here or twitter @ tomkillsjerry
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    Did I get played?

    who is he? did he have a gmail or a legit email? if its anything but they got you. Never hand over money with out some kind of documentation. heres a standard contract. I had to fill out w-9's and all that its a hassle but its better than the IRS coming in a cleaning out...
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    @JodyKurtis 100% right here is where I gained enough confidence in my music to even attempt to get my stuff out there. im always willing to work with anyone which has gotten me in trouble. one guy sent me a track and asked me to put my spin on it so i did. but then a much bigger artist hit me up...
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    I also put out at least a track every week for the past 2 years really just grinding. now I have almost 300 tracks on SC so when people finally find me they've got alot of stuff to choose from.
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    I think the Growth has to do with the scene I fell into by chance. I didn't know there was a whole genre similar to what I do Called "Wave". I became active in collabs and just working on making my stuff unique.
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    Really just producing music and working with people I believe in. I quit selling beats about a year ago. Sites like beat stars are cool but it's starting to feel like Amazon or Walmart for beats. But right now I'm just putting my music out on all streaming platforms through Distrokid and band...
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    It happens to all of us, that feeling of doubt that voice telling you that you cant do it. This isnt for you "get a real job". People who specialize in lip service well tell you "just be confident " but these people probably have never Created anything genuine Artists always struggle with...
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    Showcase - December 24-30, 2018

    @Marc Duncan pretty dope The mix on porcelain is on point Like the transitions. 2nd one might want to pull that arp.down a db or 2
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    FL Studio export low quality

    check your master track and see if the limiters gain is up
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    In The Studio: Would You Ever Sell Out?

    To me the sell out is someone who does something that is a disrespect and in direct contrast to who they are and where theyre come from. Sell out is a term used by fans usually in the wrong way. Just because something is popular doesn't me they sold out. People feel a sense of entitlement...
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    Warzone Beat Battle - November 16-17, 2018

    Yea haha I haven't been active any where but social media and my Soundcloud just been working on some stuff for film with Alcon Sleeping Giant. It's been a pretty cool experience so far
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    Warzone Beat Battle - November 16-17, 2018

    Haha that's what I like to hear. Wish I could do these more often but I have "Studio obligations" What ever that means. Bish you'll get it by the deadline not before
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    Warzone Beat Battle - November 16-17, 2018

    Honestly @ConspiracyMuzik and @Muszolini beats were better. @ConspiracyMuzik just joined in October? haha man's a monster

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