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    Showcase - April 22-28, 2019

    That intro is so contrasting to the beat, but transitions so well. Interesting. The main vibe is extremely laid back, and has a good feel to it. this is sick...nice classic sample sound. I hear a lot of people talk about making beats to rap over, and needing them to be simple, but I always...
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    Apollo Brown Makes All of His Beats with 20-Year-Old Software

    Cool Edit Pro...I mean, it has the best slicing capability I have yet to see replicated in a DAW. I believe they got bought out by Adobe, and is now Audition? I wonder if it can still slice those perfect samples.
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    Tutorials ILL Challenge: It's Time To Organize Your Samples

    Seriously... New beatmakers should take note. When I first started making beats, I named my samples stupid things like "chop1, chop2, loop1, loop2" etc... I would place them in different folders, but the names were the same. As my FL versions changed, and I've gotten new computers, etc, I have...
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    What are the pros/cons of your DAW?

    FL Studio and Studio One I started with FL Studio when it was Fruity Loops, version 3. Started making beats in Studio One in January. FL Pros: - Easy to learn, easy to use - Smooth piano roll - Write patterns, and lay them out in tracks - Quick and easy to establish a workflow - FREE UPDATES...
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    New here

    true true age, I am mostly referencing my energy level. I've always done it all myself... make the beat, write the song, record the vocals. I used to be able to do that all in one night, without sleep, from scratch. Now, it's a lot harder. I need to sleep or I'm grouchy. :)
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    New here

    thanks lol what's wrong with the name? :oops:
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    New here

    Age and time mostly. Thanks for the welcome.
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    New here

    Thank you! Yeah, it's a good feeling. I'm actually relearning a LOT as of late, so I guess the rewards never stop, as long as the passion keeps burning.
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    New here

    Hi! I've been making beats for around 16 years. I got started because I wanted to be a rapper, and didn't know how to obtain beats, so I decided to make my own. I went through a bout of depression and stopped making music for a while, but I'm back now trying to rebrand. Not really rapping as...