81 Awesome Resources For Hip Hop Producers

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    With all of the information that is available online, it can often be frustrating trying to find the information you are looking for. Google is a great place to start, but when it comes to Hip Hop production, results can vary.

    I have compiled a list of some great resources that any Hip Hop producer can use to further their beat making, producing, marketing, and overall music industry presence. The links are a combination of articles from IllMuzik, as well as various other websites that are all related to Hip Hop production.

    These links have been broken down into sections so you can find what you are looking for very easily. Let's start:

    The Music Industry Is Not So Simple

    For some, making beats and selling them is the way to go, but for others it can get much deeper than that, such as working with an artist and releasing music with a record label.

    Using social media and networking are some of the most important factors in helping you connect with the right people, and even sell beats.

    The following resources will help you do just that:

    1. Learn how to sell beats, and how not to.
    2. 6 tips that any beat maker can use with social media.
    3. Would you ever sell out with your music?
    4. Marketing on Twitter is a great way to move ahead in the industry, part 1 and part 2.
    5. Find out what is the best way to market your beats.
    6. Make sure you keep track of all your beat sales.
    7. 5 reasons why you are having trouble selling your beats.
    8. Social media matters, but do your posts?
    9. If you sample, you will want to clear your samples, here's how.
    10. Nas said Hip Hop is dead, and trends don't lie.
    11. Make money with your beats, that's the ultimate goal.
    12. These music business contracts will help a lot.
    13. This is how you can make it in the music industry.

    Sometimes What You Need Is A Push In The Right Direction

    Quite often, producers are looking for tutorials on various topics, when in fact that's not necessarily what they need. It could be they just need some advice or motivation in order to move forward.

    The following resources are both a combination of editorials and tutorials, all with the aim of helping you succeed:

    14. Sampling, and why it is so important in Hip Hop.
    15. You don't have to make crazy beats because less is more.
    16. Stop messing around and just make music!
    17. The daily grind of making beats can be a problem.
    18. Vinyl is great, and for beat making, it's a real treasure.
    19. These are 7 things that producers need to stop doing.
    20. There is no feeling in today's Rap music, find out why.
    21. Producers should be doing these 5 things more.
    22. Vinyl is still the king when it comes to Hip Hop production.
    23. Your beats might not be that good because you're in a slump.
    24. Recording studios are great, but should you use one?
    25. Why isn't anyone really investing in Hip Hop?
    26. Guns are a serious issue, and unfortunately they always become a problem in Hip Hop.
    27. It's all about singles today, but Rap albums are still needed.
    28. What is the message being sent in Hip Hop?
    29. Rappers need to forget the phony stuff and keep it real.
    30. Synths are important, but so is sampling, are you afraid to shake things up?
    31. Your beats suck, and these 5 reasons prove it.
    32. These 5 reasons will convince you to give up beat making.
    33. You don't see production teams today, but it's too bad because teaming up is dope.
    34. Money, money, money. You don't want to come up short for your next purchase.
    35. Making beats is a great thing, and these 5 reasons prove it.
    36. Your studio doesn't have to be cluttered. Just keep everything minimal.
    37. Nighttime is the best time to make beats, it's true.
    38. Hip Hop is wack and I think it needs to start over in order to succeed.
    39. There are too many rappers and producers today and it's sucking Hip Hop dry.
    40. Should you stay real or make money? It could affect your beats.
    41. Respect today has gone out the window. It's about time you demand it.
    42. Hip Hop isn't the only genre, but should you move into other styles of music?
    43. It's all about learning something, and these tips are some of mine - part 1 and part 2.
    44. Giving away your music is suicide - or maybe not.
    45. Some sampling seems to be allowed, and others not, why?
    46. Stop sampling just Jazz and Funk, there are plenty of genres to choose from.
    47. You should always make beats that other people will enjoy, not for yourself.
    48. The ultimate question: is producing music what you really want to do?
    49. Everything eventually comes back into style, even classic Hip Hop.
    50. It can be tough trying to decide how to play your melodies.
    51. It's important to get feedback on your beats, but you have to give some too.
    52. You don't always have to change things up, rather, stick with what you know.
    53. Sampling is essential, but sometimes it can be troublesome.
    54. Every day there is a newbie trying to make beats, here are some tips to get started.
    55. Do you want to be the best Hip Hop producer ever? You can.

    Learning Something New Will Keep You In The Game Longer

    Everyone loves tutorials, and that's because they get right to the point and show you how to do something.

    With music production, we can all easily get set in our ways but you might want to consider how someone else produces music, as it can possibly help you with your own productions.

    The following resources are meant to show you both the proper and different way of doing things:

    56. There is a simple method to learning how to make a bassline.
    57. Your studio might be cluttered, so maybe it's time to get rid of your stuff.
    58. Studying deejays and how they beat juggle can help you with your beats.
    59. I know it's a lot of work, but you really need to organize your samples.
    60. If you want your music to stand out, these are 6 ways you can do so.
    61. Don't just use that kick drum as is - change things up.
    62. Mixing can be overwhelming, here are tips on how to keep things simple.
    63. It's all about getting better and improving your beats.
    64. I like simple drum patterns, but there's always ways to do it better.
    65. Hip Hop is based on drum breaks, and these are 3 ways you can find the perfect one.
    66. You don't want your drums to suck, so use these 5 tips to improve them.
    67. Sometimes your snare might be weak or even wack - beat it up!
    68. Low end is very important, so try your best to get the kick and bass to play nice.

    It Doesn't End There

    There are plenty more resources that you can check out, and just being here on IllMuzik is a huge resource for you.

    The following resources are a combination of tips, tutorials, and overall great websites that you must visit, as you can learn a great deal from them all:

    69. The IllMuzik forums are a great resource for any Hip Hop producer.
    70. Want inspiration? Check out these studio setups.
    71. Everyone likes free stuff, so these are 27 of the best free VST plug-ins.
    72. There are plenty of VST plug-ins for Ableton and Logic too.
    73. If you're broke, or just want to try things out, check out free music software.
    74. Audacity is probably the most popular free music editor on the planet.
    75. Find tons of VSTs on this site.
    76. You can also find lots of VSTs on this site as well.
    77. If you like Maschine, then Maschine Masters is a great place for tutorials.
    78. But Maschine Tutorials is also a great place for Maschine.
    79. If you want to learn about the latest sound kits out there, BoomAndBap has got you covered.
    80. SoundsAndGear has plenty of news and reviews of the latest software.
    81. There's more than just Pro Tools. Here are 16 of the best DAWs in the world.


    All of the links provided are sure to help everyone at one point or another, from making beats, to selling beats, to networking, and to just succeeding overall.

    Make sure you keep referring to this list, as it will be very useful to you for years to come.

    And don't forget to share this article with everyone you know that can benefit from this, and especially on social media.
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