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The Warzone Beat battle has 4 rounds. Here is a breakdown:

Round 1 win ---> Round 2 upper bracket.
Round 1 loss ---> Round 2 lower bracket.
Summary: Round 1 is to figure out who goes to either the upper or lower brackets in Round 2.

Round 2 win upper ---> Round 3 upper bracket.
Round 2 win lower ---> Round 3 lower bracket.
Round 2 loss (any bracket) ---> eliminated.
Summary: Everyone goes to Round 2 and it's kind of like a 2nd chance. If you lose any bracket, you're eliminated.

Round 3 win upper ---> Round 4 Diamond bracket.
Round 3 loss upper ---> Round 4 Gold bracket.
Round 3 win lower ---> Round 4 Bronze bracket.
Round 3 loss lower ---> eliminated.
Summary: Round 3 simply decides who moves onto the Finals.

Round 4 is self-explanatory.

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