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    Beat This! - June 20-21, 2018

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    Which DAW do you use?

    FL Studio. The GOD DAW
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    Question: Is this soley a hip-hop/boom bap forum?

    Hey what up guys, im new here and ive noticed a lot of that classic hip-hop sounds amongst the users of the place and was wondering if this is the sole theme or what. I do it all and didn't want to seem out of place or disrespectful if I post trap/r&b/pop/etc.... So let me know guys, how do you...
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    What up, newbie here but not on the boards..

    Thank you and hope I can help and learn from you all as well.... There reason I started producing is, like in the other thread I suffer from Synesthesia so music was always extra intriguing to me... from there when I was abut 14-15yrs old, The Neptunes entered my life and I just had to recreate...
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    Showcase - May 21-27, 2018

    @RizzakBeats Thanks for the welcome and i hope to be as active as well... I appreciate the feedback.. The sample was a indian-Caribbean acapella I had laying about. The shouts in it are just random reggae dj hits I aslo had to infuse more of a Caribbean vibe and the b-side break was just me...
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    This weird feeling

    @ArvinArmani I know what he's talking about... you have Synesthesia, like me. Its a phenomenon when hear music you actually see and feel I as a manifestation… sometimes you se whole scenes or sometimes it feels like a major event that was either happy, sad, angry, etc... (corresponding the mood...
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    Warzone Beat Battle - June 1-2, 2018

    Yo how do I get down on this.. I read the rules and sign up is on the 1st at 8am-7pm but I'm new and don't want to mess up
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    Showcase - May 21-27, 2018

    @NakedStar The drum pattern is dope on the beat.. id honestly change the synths and compress the bass I bit more but overall the drum pattern is what stuck out @8O8 beats That boom bap joint is smooth.. the mixing is good nothing an engineer wouldn't fix after the song is recorded... you...
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    Showcase - May 21-27, 2018

    What Up IllMuzik!!! Welcome me to the fam... lets hope I don't take the battle scene lol
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    What up, newbie here but not on the boards..

    hey what guys I'm new here and just wanted to get acquainted with everyone... I've been producing for 15yrs and though I've seen moderate success, its not like I'm ultra famous, but I'm known here and there. So I'm really signing because in between quarters I find myself with little to do and no...