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    Excited to be part of the community!

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I just love music and think I have the talent to make good beats. I've always been driven by creating (web design, graphic design, writing music, drawing, etc). You wouldn't know the band (Caught Sleeping) or the festival; a few hundred attendees and a dozen...
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    Showcase - October 15-21, 2018

    @csbr I like this. The sticks playing on the rims gets annoying after a while, I suggest transitioning to something else. Otherwise, really enjoyed the laid back vibe, the attention to detail on the sound design and the melodies. @Alejandro I like the beat coming in, the piano sounds off and...
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    Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

    @wilizm sorry I skipped you man...tbh, I was extremely thrown off by the MIDI sound of your track. Especially the extremely artificial sound of the bass, which is such a key part of your groove. Forcing myself to listen, there’s a ton of talent behind this beat that I think could be better...
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    Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

    Thanks for the feedback guys!!! @dBtheProducer my intuition is the vocals are a sample you incorporated after producing the beat. I feel like some of the melodies could work more around the vocals if this is a final release (which typically showcases the “artist”...producers still don’t get...
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    Excited to be part of the community!

    What's up fellow producers and beatmakers! I'm happy to have found this place. I just got into producing beats a few weeks ago but have some form of music background. I played drums for more than 10 years, was in a band and did the occasional live mixing at concerts and festivals. I feel I've...
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    Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

    What's up guys! Happy to have found this community. Here's my first shot at some feedback: @Ghost Bazz Dreams is a really sick beat man, good job on production quality as well. I dig everything except you get too far out of the rhythm with some of the voice cuts as some others have said...

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