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    Showcase - July 16-22, 2018

    Love the fullness of the overall mix. Bassline is crazy. Especially the end of the 8 bars, the crescendo. In fact, the whole crescendo part - the horn build up, the keys. Bass tone is on point. Is that DI bass? One of of the horn samples is panned a bit too hard to the right, sounds a little...
  2. Kiada

    Showcase - July 16-22, 2018

    Nice synth work. Hi-hats are a bit low for my tastes, but I like to sit the hats right above you and clear in the mix. Some really atmospheric pads, but the a cappella feels a bit loud - especially in the hook. I'm actually a fan of that rolling kick drum, wasn't too sure at first. Doesn't feel...
  3. Kiada

    Off Topic Show Your Setup!

    Nah it's a Nektar Impact LX25+ and honestly, I have no basis for comparison but they feel alright to me y'know?
  4. Kiada

    Off Topic Show Your Setup!

    Building a lab from scratch pretty much! My HD 280's came yesterday. Previously I was on iPhone earphones - I'm still not over how good things sound! Been a few years since I had some half-decent cans and these are the most expensive I've had so far. The Impact LX25+ also came yesterday with...
  5. Kiada

    Database of acapellas?

    Amazing, thanks for the reply and link! Checking out datpiff :)
  6. Kiada

    Database of acapellas?

    Thanks for the reply, PM inc!
  7. Kiada

    Database of acapellas?

    I'm thinking of doing a few remixes and I was wondering if there was a comprehensive list of released acapellas? (Doesn't have to have download links or anything, just a reference). Does this exist? Bonus points for pointing me in the direction of where to download any thanks!
  8. Kiada

    The Denny Motion Strings - "Night Romance"

    Love it! Loving the drums and change-ups. Sample chops are sick. Disgusting. I made a point not to check other peoples before throwing together mine - you've all made full tracks though haha. I've got an 8-bar loop. First time I've sampled in years away from making music. Got some cans...
  9. Kiada

    Free Reason 10 lite

    Lots of different versions hrrmm. Planning on grabbing an Oxygen 49 next week, almost decided to go more compact with an MPK Mini because of this, but the 8 channels is a bit of a deal-breaker. Think I'll stick with the Oxygen 49 and save up a bit more cash to grab the Intro 16 track version...
  10. Kiada

    Beginner Drum Help

    Get used to layering your drum samples, and play about with the compressor. Check around different forums and websites for drum packs, plenty to be found for free. Most of the contents of the packs are throwaway, but keep digging and you'll find a few gems to get you started. Make a few patches...

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