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    Showcase - July 16-22, 2018

    @Matt-D - Sounds nice and clean. I like all the sounds used in the background. @crosstevsky - Trappy indeed, that xylophone sound adds a lot of tension. I'm with DEEZ BEATZ on adding a bit more to it once you're back from vacation and I'd say it's a wrap. @DEEZ BEATZ - I work on a bunch of...
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    Showcase - July 16-22, 2018

    I'm more of a hobbyist and I like messing with the old school. Threw in a bit of an homage in at the end.
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    How do I make a sample sound fluid?

    Samples are like play-doh, you can scwush em, roll em into snakes, or mix two together to make another color. They don't even have to be on time with the rest of the beat to sound amazing sometimes. I think the laziest fix would be to up the bpm a few notches on the beat until the sample fills...
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    I am new, again...

    QUOTE="Fade, post: 359865, member: 1"]Welcome back! It's been a long time... It sure has, hopefully all is going well? Feels like 7 years or so since I last stopped by, I like what you've done with the place. Still kickin' it in Montreal? Almost went for the DJ Suspect show there a few weeks...
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    I am new, again...

    It was a dark and foggy night in London, I'm not from London. The clatter of the subway rolled overhead in New York, I'm not from New York. A movie star could be heard bitching about poor service from a restaurant in LA, I'm not from LA. Where am I from? Meh, that doesn't matter. I'm here...
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    Nov 11th - Nov 18th

    @ Padrino - Not flashy sure but still just some str8 boom-bappery! Nice classic sounding beat.
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    Nov 11th - Nov 18th

    Thanks Dac and Mixed Vibes, appreciate it. @ Dac - Very nice flip. Definitely some top Q stuff. Nice to see the DJ element surface as well.
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    Nov 11th - Nov 18th

    Ok, here is my flip. @zubair - Interesting take on the sample. Lots of different switches. @mixed vibes - Cool vibe on this flip. Nice choice in chop selections.
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    January 29-30, 2011 - Comments & Questions

    Thanks man, The drums and sample were both from vinyl and I played the synth bass and also played the bells on the hook to add some extra layers in there.
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    January 29-30, 2011 - Comments & Questions

    That was my first ever Beat This so I'm quite happy with getting #5. Some really nice beats were in this competition. I'll have to enter it again sometime.
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    *** Beat This! January 30, 2011 Voting ***

    1.Tactik 2.Sucio 3.2good 4.DJ Excellence 5.Dacalion
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    January 29-30, 2011 - Comments & Questions

    * submits beat and walks away whistling, hands in pockets.
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    Canceled Beat This!, What The?

    I've always wanted to enter a beat this back in the day but I just don't have the time anymore. Hell, I've only just come back after pretty much a good 2 year hiatus. I learned beatmaking through the showcases and sample flips several years ago and even then I was seeing the trend and drop in...
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    Funky Ass Basslines

    One thing I notice that separates great beats from average ones is the quality of the bassline. A lot of times I hear some great sample flips with just some drums and this neck breaking element is completely forgotten and left out. I'm not saying every beat always needs one or it has to be...
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    Back From The Dead

    Hah Kontents, good to see you haven't changed lol.

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