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    Production Use The Right Sounds And Your Beats Will Be Unstoppable

    Some of my favorite classic hiphop tracks use loops, bunch of lazy bastards.
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    R.I.P. Prodigy of Mobb Deep

    A tragic loss... heard the news at work from a colleague and I was shocked. I feel for his family and friends... my heart goes out to them. We are lucky to have been blessed with a legacy of his music. RIP
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    Tutorials Old vs New - Tips for Upgrading Your Beatmaking Setup

    I'm using Maschine MK1, and the left screen is shot, so I can barely see anything, and the knobs are fucked up, so they sometimes jack up what ever function they are tied to without me touching them. Still, I am making beats with it regardless, shit still works, just got some personality. haha
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    Beats & Art Music by Fade

    Dac, lovely technique, you have an amazing talent, it is nice to see such amazing works. Keep it up!
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    What's your OS?

    I run an old Windows 7 desktop for music stuff, and will implement my Ipad in the setup once I get the right equipment.
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    hello, my name is dacalion!

    dac, nice to see you still around
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    Hi, my name is StressWon....

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    Industry A Guide to Selling Your Beats the Right Way

    Dope article. I feel that the market is saturated with beatmakers, so for myself selling beats is not feasible, at least to sustain my current lifestyle. It could be a nice supplement to my regular job, but that's about it...
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    Gear pairing with Maschine

    @PhDBeats I have a Maschine and just recently picked up the MPK MK2 for the same reason as you. I enjoy using Maschine as a controller for drums, but for melodies, a midi controller is ideal. I haven't had a lot of time to explore the software synth it comes with, it looks pretty powerful, but...
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    Life's A bitch Sometimes

    Wishing her a speedy recovery, you're a good man dude.
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    Phife Dawg passed away!

    That was amazing, good on him to do that...
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    Phife Dawg passed away!

    Sad... feel a bit teary eyed, Tribe was an important part of my youth and still is.... RIP Phife...
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    For all you Reggae heads...

    Black Arc, nice Perry nod.
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    So this beat from K-Def almost made it to Return of the Boom Bap

    Dope album... might have to cop that. Not a big fan of K-Def's newer work, but his old stuff is classic.

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