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    How often do you make beats?

    i used to make 2-3 beats per week. working on multiple albums for multiple people (producing, mixing, mastering, rapping), now i'm down to 3-4 beats per year. smh
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    Production In The Lab: Are You Afraid To Sample?

    here's a video about what happens when the original artist won't clear the sample
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    Studio noise

    i like the sm58 and the sm7b. price/quality wise, the 58 can't be beat
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    Studio noise

    i prefer a dynamic mic over a condenser mic in less than ideal environments like our home studios. condensers pick up everything, good and bad.
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    Native Instruments Maschine MK3

    the only thing i don't like about it is that you can't sample internally (from the computer), although you can use the interface to play things internally. for instance, you can play youtube through the interface, but can't sample from youtube directly into machine (without the usual...
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    Production Should the E-MU SP-1200 Make A Comeback?

    if they try to bring it back, they'll mess up what made it so special. i can't see them making a new one without trying to "improve" on it, thereby fucking up the very thing that made it special. now if they're bringing them back and making them with the original formula, not new and improved...
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    No user upgrades for Maschine

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    Hank Shocklee words of wisdom

    this was dope. wish it was longer. amerikkka's most is my all time favorite hip hop album.
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    Reason now has VST support

    damn. and i was trying not to upgrade anything else. now i'm interested.
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    What's your OS?

    OS X for beats. OS X, windows 10, iPad for everything else.
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    XXL Freshman 2017

    And, no one reads credits anymore so if he producer's name isn't listed in the title, no one really cares. Just one of the side effects of everyone getting their music online these days.
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    Production When Your Beat Doesn't Go as Planned

    i'm the same way. i can't make what's hot today. no matter how hard i try, it always comes out the same way. so i just do me and let it breathe
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    Wow. I just heard an album with a terrible mix

    i actually try to explain it every time he asks for something. the turning point was when he went to a "real studio" and got something professionally mixed, and it sounded the same (his vocals "too low"). now he tends to listen more to what i say.
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    Wow. I just heard an album with a terrible mix

    i've mixed a couple songs for a dude that always wants his vocals turned up. i think they're way too loud. but hey, it's his shit. just don't put my name on it. LOL
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    15 years

    because y'all keep running away all the women. fuuuuuckers!