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17 years as a music business consultant

  1. agivens


    Jan 11, 2018
    OGBama recommended that I post on this forum.

    My name is Alden from Houston, TX and I’ve got just over 15 years of experience in the music industry as a music business consultant.

    Some of my clients are:

    Chamillionaire (former)

    Sound M.O.B. who produced Litty for Meek mills and Feel Me for Tyga featuring Kanye West.

    June James who produced YFN Lucci’s Key to the streets featuring Quavo from the amigos and YFN’s latest hit Everyday we Lit.

    Slikk Muzik who produced for Arianna Grande, Jamie Foxx, Sophia Reyes, Tank and some other.

    Snizzyonthebeat who produced lil Wayne’s Nightmares of the Bottom

    And I work with several indie labels and artists/

    Recently I’ve started a music industry podcast entitled the 11:11 Podcast that touch contract terms and issues, interviews of some of my clients and colleagues and I’ll also tell some personal stories from time in the music business.

    Below is a link to the intro episode of the podcast. If you’ve got any questions or topics that you’d like covered let me know and I’ll touch on them.

    [​IMG] http://bit.ly/2DhcvR3
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    Beat Jockeys

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Fellow Houstonian, whats up. Preach the word my brother.