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Making beats can be a very time-consuming affair, and often most of us just can't find the time to really sit down and get creative in the studio. Between our jobs, family, friends, and regular daily chores, making beats can often be at the very bottom of our to-do list. I find that in today's world, the days never seem long enough to do anything, let alone make music. It's funny how we have an entire 24 hours to eat, sleep, work, and play, yet all those things somehow always overlap each other. For example, if you don't sleep well then that will affect your performance at work, and if you work too much then you'll be too tired to play.

I've outlined previously why you should never make beats, and also why you should totally make beats, and now it's about when you should make beats. Whenever you do happen to find time is totally dependent on you, however, here are 5 reasons why you should make beats at night.

1. Less Distractions

With all of the things that we need to get done each day, it's amazing how we all haven't just given up music entirely and called it quits. When I was younger I had much more time on my hands, so I spent a lot of that time either DJ'ing or making beats. With everything going on today, namely the internet, there just doesn't seem to be any time left to do anything.

Computers and cell phones can be the biggest distractions known to man at this point in time, so by turning those things off when you're about to make beats, is the ideal situation. By making beats at night, you're less likely to get a phone call, and after being on the computer all day, you're less likely to want to get on it again.

2. You Can Beat Up Your Gear

What I mean is, you can take your frustrations out on your beats. If you've had a bad day, then when you sit down to bang out some beats, literally bang the pads! Get your anger out by making a crazy beat. The same can be said if you're in a laid-back mood, in which you can then make a laid-back beat.

It can also be used the opposite way as well. For example, many times I'll have a crazy day and I'm stressed out, but instead of making an angry beat, I do the complete opposite. The reason is because I look at beat making as my stress-free time. It's my time to zone out, block out the world, and do what I love to do. Just as some people like to relax by watching TV, this is the time for you to relax - and make something really special.

3. More Time

You will also have more time to do things, such as:

Instead of rushing out a beat by doing a quick drum loop and throwing any sample on top of it, you can take your time to really think about what you want to accomplish in the studio at that moment. Do you want to make something really smooth? Do you want to work on a certain part that's been bugging you for the past while?

You will also have more time to actually dig through your records. We all know that beat making is not just about making beats, but the entire process. From digging for samples to just organizing your vinyl collection - it's all related. By taking the time to dig through your collection, you'll probably come across a certain record that you forgot you had, and who knows? You might find a really dope sample to use.

Lastly, you will have more time to experiment. Many of us will make beats each day and end up getting stuck into a routine, where we do the same things.
  • Find drums
  • Make a loop
  • Find a sample
  • Match it up
  • Do change ups
  • Blah blah blah
Don't get me wrong - having a beat making routine is a great way to define your style, but sometimes we all have to take a step back and try something different. You can experiment with different types of drums, or try to make a track with a different time signature. Maybe you might want to be bold and sample a crazy-sounding record from a country whose name you can't pronounce! Experiment.

4. It's Relaxing

I don't know about you, but for me, night time is the best time. It's the time where I get to relax and do what I want. I can either kick back and do nothing, or I can chill out and make beats. Either way, I find it's the best way to relax and to really get into your own world where no one will bother you.

If you can get into that state of mind - then it will help you focus tremendously when making beats. Your music should never be rushed and you should never make beats when you're not in the mood. This is why it's very important to pick the right time of day to hone your craft, and at night seems to be the most relaxing.

5. Hip Hop Sounds Better At Night

Hip Hop is from the streets. It's a special form of music that is unlike any other and as such, it sounds much better at a certain time of day. In fact, it sounds best at night. If you were to listen to a hard-hitting album during the day, I'll bet you that it sounds much better at night. It could be you're driving around listening to music, or maybe you're just relaxing at home. Regardless, your beats were meant to be made at night. I've made some great tracks during the day, and I'm sure many producers and beat makers made some of their best music in the early morning.

But... I've always looked at it like this: can you picture someone making beats in the park on a hot summer day? How would that person look doing the same music but at nighttime, in a club? It's not just about the music itself, but it's all about the environment. When you make beats, your environment is everything, and nighttime seems to me to be the most appropriate.


I doesn't matter when you make your beats, as long as you give it your all. For me, making beats at night is the perfect time because it combines everything for me - there's less distractions, I can set the mood, I have more time, and it's relaxing.

What is the best time for you?

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Good article and I agree. I make good stuff in the morning too, b4 the afternoon. Anything after 12pm and before 7pm or 8pm feels forced or like I neglected to do something else.
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Hip hop does sound better at night and during the day in the summertime....


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I also have a theory to making music at night. Why do so many talented musicians stay in the studio all night while not sleeping and yet produce quality music?(having done so myself) My theory is more of a lack of sleep then just working at night, but i think it carries over... It is discussed that our body releases DMT in our dream state, lack of REM-sleep (non-dreaming sleep is allowed) results in spontaneous hallucinations. Now saying that, i'm sure all these artist aren't tripping face in the studio from lack of sleep, but i believe there is a possibility it turns other switches off and on in your brain and can even enhance certain things while taking other things away, like reaction time and motor skills. This is just my theory and what I've learned thus far on my 14 year journey as a producer. I know that i have made some crazy music on late night journeys. I can't say that day or night is better for me personally, but i tend to be a night owl because I hate sitting inside on a beautiful day.. oh yeah and work 9-6.. Changing that soon!!!

Hypnagogia might have something to do with it too.

PS, i'm not a doctor lol
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Good points, Maknbeats. There must be a relation since there's so many that stay up late to make music.


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@Andrei how do your +1 beats sound compared to the -1 ones...I already know!


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At night does have a more tranquil environment, but I normally make beats when I get that feeling, and that could be at anytime, that's why I have a beat making DAW on my phone that I can put projects together, then go in the studio for the finishing touches. I rarely have time to sit down behind my computer, because I have kids that wear me out during the day then by night I'm to tired to go in, so I had to figure a way where I can watch them and make my music, so I use my phone, only time I go in the stu is if I'm recording someone or myself, or on a Saturday or Sunday.
My point is creativity can hit at any time, and you have to have the tools to be able to get that thought out of your head before you loss it, and I know it could be an inconvenience to have to run to the computer, to get that thought out, so keep something with you at all times to make music.

I know this maybe a little off topic, but there's some wisdom in there✌


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When it comes to beatmaking just lock the dog up in the garden shed and kick everyone out of the house like I do at 8 am every morning.. no distractions whatsoever then, hehe..

Joking aside, my favourite time to record is generally on Sunday afternoons.. I always feel like I do my best stuff on these days as I can relax and really concentrate as everything in our household is pretty chilled by then after a hectic week with work, kids and school etc.

I also have a little recording set up over at my mums place which is where I keep some of my vinyl and a few bits of older gear and I'll go spend a couple of days there occasionally to work on music...again it's super quiet and chilled
and I can easily get stuff done without the distractions of home getting in the way!


Thanks for sharing ! Agreed on most points! For me it would go like : Mixing/mastering in the morning as much as possible (still fresh, relaxed, no rush, all day ahead), but creating tracks, building generally at night, or just after work, the mood and experiences of the day influencing the compositions.

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