Akai impc vs Akai proXR20


I decided to put this on the Hardware instead of the Software section because I want to use hardware for everything except retro/ more expensive/ rare synths, and for sampling and mixing. So I don’t know wether I should just get the Akai Impc or the physical Pro Xr20 drum machine? Would the $250 be worth it compared to the one dollar app that is slightly low quality? To the Illmuzik members who have experience with both, tell me which one I should get?


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I don't have experience with either of them but I've heard good things about the iMPC and see it in action more than the xr20. I think it's best if you just try the app first and see how it goes since it's cheap.

However, if you're looking for something as the centerpiece of your studio, then maybe hardware would be better. Is that what you're looking for? What about getting the MPC software with a controller?

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