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This is nice! Akai has released version 2.2 of their MPC software with lots of features like:

MIDI Learn Global - The MPC desktop software can now be controlled by external MIDI control surfaces such as keyboards and pad controllers. Once you have configured a Global MIDI Learn template, its assignments and the Enable On/Off will persist so that each time you open the MPC application your controller assignments will instantly be ready to be used.

  • Learn your MIDI controller’s physical controls to the MPC software’s Pads, Q-Links, Transport or other assignable parameters.
  • Show the MIDI Learn panel by going to View>Browser>MIDI Learn Browser or by clicking the MIDI Learn icon in the Status Bar at the bottom of the MPC app.
  • To learn your controller to MPC parameters, go to the MIDI Learn panel and click the Learn button On, then in the MPC app click on any parameter that has a yellow overlay to select it, then move or press a physical control. You can toggle a MIDI map on or off using the Enable button.
  • In the MIDI Learn panel the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner contains the following options for managing your MIDI maps : New, Duplicate, Clear, Delete, Export and Import.
  • MPC ships with a range of factory MIDI maps for popular MIDI controllers.
  • When Learn is On hold Shift and move a physical control to select the slot in the list it has been mapped to.
  • To make it easier to navigate the list of MIDI assignments use the View menu to filter by type. From the MIDI Learn drop down menu tick the List Follows Control option, now the View filter automatically follows the MPC control section that you last clicked on.
So now you can use various controllers with their software, as these are pre-mapped:

New: Pre-mapped controllers

AKAI Professional:Advance 25, Advance 49, Advance 61, APC Key 25, LPD8 Wireless, MPD218, MPD226, MPD232, MPK Mini (mkII), MPK225, MPK249, MPK261

Alesis:V25, V49, V61, Vmini, VI25, VI49, VI61, VX49

M-Audio:Axiom AIR Mini 32, Code 25, Code 49, Code 61, CTRL49, Keystation 49 II, Oxygen 25, Oxygen 49, Oxygen 61

Native Instruments:Kontrol S49, Maschine Jam, Maschine Mikro MKI, Maschine MK1, Maschine MK3, Maschine Studio, Traktor Kontrol F1

Novation:Impulse 25, Impulse 49, Impulse 61, Launchkey 25, Launchkey 49, Launchkey 61, Launchkey Mini, Launchpad MK2

Really good to see the pre-mapped controllers. I know how much of a pain it can be to configure and map out a controller that's not supported by the software.

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