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At the moment all my producing and mixing is done on these headphones, which I own about a year and a half, I love them and in my opinion, are a decent set of headphones for the price.

The main issue I'm having is that I often find my music having too much high frequency boosted when played on other systems, so after a google search i found this frequency response graph, that shows that they have a dip in the 4 to 7k area....So i was thinking to "correct" them by applying an eq opposite of the graph when I'm mixing, cause i can't seem to learn this flaw.

Does anybody tried this sort of thing?


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This curve is an average of several AKG C240MKII. In fact each headphone has a unique curve, probably close to this but you might be surprised at how the same models have different frequency responses.

I know Sonarworks makes a plugin to put on your masterbus, to correct your headphone's curve. You first have to send them your headphones by post for measurements if I remember correctly. And it's quite pricey.

You can try a simple EQing. It doesn't cost much to try anyway, but I doubt it's that simple. It might help a bit. But it might also change the dynamic response to other frequencies...

I think the best is to keep your listening set up consistent and get used to it. With practice and experience, you will know how your mix should sound on it and compensate when need be.

Ik Multimedia makes a master bus plugin to compensate speakers/room.

Izotope has the Tonal Balance Control, so you can compare your mix to professional mixes with your eyes. Frequency & dynamics wise.
This one I use. The benefit of this one is it will work when ears fatigue.

illmuzik on youtube

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