Announcement- no new episodes of ILL Battle Report

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So that you know. I decided to stop recording new episodes of ILL Battle Report. It consumes too much time to prepare them and they receive very little amount of views. I already notified Fade about this. I regularly monitored views on Illmuzik channel and results were not up to my expectations. I know that some of you liked reports but I'm more interested in making new beats rather than reviewing other people's beats. It also took the time away from preparation to beat battles as I couldn't focus entirely on them. I've also had some things in my personal life that I would like to do. So once again, no episodes of ILL Battle Report for now. Maybe in the future I will come back to it but now I don't feel like doing it. Cheers. ;)


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I totally understand. Thanx for the effort you've made and the reviews you've done. It has been greatly appreciated.


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I'm back to work now, so I hardly have time to make music let alone videos, plus I dont have a mic at home.
no one else?
should I do it?? I'd love shitting on peoples beats if it's possible. idk if I can tho.


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I'll @Memento Beats miss your reports but it's always okay to step away from anything even if you love it and put your soul into it.

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