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I don’t know if this is the way to do this as far as posting but I made this track for my buddy who’s making a cartoon for it I just wanna make sure it’s good. Drums are done in studio drummer. DI bass. And guitars are scratch right now we’re gonna mic up some cabinets next week. Any tips on the process? Mixing? Things to try? Thanks



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Sounds good to me! Not sure how many members are into this genre, but I've had good results with recording live guitar thru a mic placed in front of the cab vs direct thru an audio interface... If u can get the volume/drive dialed in you can get some feedback thru the mic, which would sound good with what you have... Only thing I might do is change up the drums a lil... Maybe some closed hats that hit double time of the open hats for a few bars... Cymbals/Crashes every 2 or 4 bars... ??? Just something to give some variation/raise or the lower the intensity during certain parts... Just ideas, Idk... but the first thing I thought when hearing the music after reading it would be used for a cartoon was Metalocalpyse lol


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Hell yeah thanks man. Yeah he’s doing this little gremlin looking thing playing a Flying V guitar he’s trying to get lip sync and motion sync so we figured doomy stoner rock would be the most like dramatic as far as movements. We’re gonna do a hip hop one too eventually

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