Anyone else on here freestyling to their beats?


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That's dope. It looks like you're playing those plugins by ear, correct? I always do that.

The flow is dope too! I haven't done that in ages. Ah, the memories.
Thanks a grip for your feedback. Doing it by ear indeed. Sometimes a beat makes me just press record and bust a flow off the top of my head when I'm feeling it the most as it's being created.


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Finally @TACTIK a handsome rapper on camera :)

Hip Hop needs more faces that aren't bad to look at w/ability to spare.


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No @Fo.Rillaz don't, if you can spit be about it, but appeal to the eyes also.


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I @2GooD Productions have a small affinity for tats if they are artistic and not cliché e.g. I hate(d) the tribal shit (exception is if someone was/is Maori) but I'm ink free so as to stay employable. I hate w/a passion the face tat shit that my generation didn't start. Ditto for tramp stamps, neck tats on both genders and nowadays I feel tats are overkill.

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